Foundations operating chainsaws

"Seven times measure, one - cut off" - if thisthe right to hold all masters, beginners learn the basics of the complex science dealing with a chainsaw, many unsafe for human health situations could have been avoided. You do not have to re-read the mountain of books, but only to study the operating instructions and use several valuable advice of professionals - consultants, online store "Trudoviks". And do not forget to buy protective clothing (special suit and helmet with a mask), if you plan to frequently use a chainsaw. You have to take care about creating the safest possible working environment.

Preparing for use chainsaws

Before you start, check that:

- Correctly tensioned chain unit - slightlypulling the upper links, you will set in motion a shaft - it is a bit out of the tire groove. Please note: The lower links must not sag. Pull the chain - make sure it runs without effort, with a strong tension to loosen it up a bit;

• accuracy of the inertia brake position;

• the operating status of the device, even if it is new, turn on the chainsaw at “idle”.

The next step in preparing the instrument foruse - filling. A good mixture of fuel oil and gasoline adhesive 92 brand guarantees a long service life of the motor and the cutting element. After filling tool to launch it and make sure that the oil is supplied to the circuit.

Safe operation of a chainsaw

First of all you should take the moststable position, never stand directly behind the tool that best - a little on the side. Hold the device with both hands, the thumb, place the handle under the front of the saw. When traveling with the device is required to place it on the brake. Sawing start tire edge.

Remember, for each material - a special method of cutting. Branches with a fallen tree should be cut slowly bow of the tire.

Thick branches are removed in several stages -starting from the end and then to the substrate. The next step - bucking. Cutting the trunk is only after you make sure that it is well secured and under the influence of vibrations from the chain saw will not budge. If the device gets stuck in a tree, do not try to pull it out. Turn off the engine and several inclined shafts in place of cut. Felling of trees and begins with the removal of dry twigs. The next stage - the signature. At an angle of 45 ° to a depth of a quarter come on the barrel - so you will ensure the correct direction of the falling tree.

From simple tasks garden care - pruningtwigs, etc. -.. with such an instrument, as a chainsaw, you will be able to cope with his own, but if you plan to use the tool for professional purposes - for felling trees - Make sure to call someone for help. After all, no one is safe from the occurrence of emergency situations.

Foundations operating chainsaws
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