welding advantage

Welding compared with other methodsConnection offers the following benefits: 1. The economy of metal due to the full utilization of the working sections of the elements in the connecting nodes of welded structures; make designs more appropriate forms in accordance with the load; drastic reduction in the weight of the connecting elements welded nodes; applying a thin-walled structures, the absence of metal flow in the runners and profits, minimizing waste and allowances for machining the replacement casting welding.

In welding, metal structures weight weldstypically from 1 to 2%, while the weight rivet riveted gussets and - at least 4% by weight of the product. Welding provides savings up to 25% compared with metal riveting, in comparison with the casting metal reaches saving: the cast steel welding to replace 25-30% when replacing cast iron welding steel prokata- to 50-60%.

The use of welding in the construction of buildingsreduces the weight of steel structures is 15%, easier manufacture and increases the rigidity of the assembly. In the construction of blast furnaces use instead of welding riveting saving of 12 to 15% of the metal in the construction of roof trusses, 10-20%, in the construction cranes -15-20%.

2. Reducing the time of work and reducing the cost of manufacturing structures by reducing material consumption and reduce the labor intensity. For example, construction of large blast furnaces in steelworks furnace casing welding of steel sheets, the method is carried out by electroslag 2.1 months. Welding of the casing manually takes more than a month; and riveting - 7-9 months.

Beneficial use welding in the individual and small-scale production, as this can do more simple and inexpensive devices and industrial equipment.

3. The possibility of manufacturing complex shapes by welding them from individual extruded or cast or forged components, instead of casting products in general. Such structures are called the stamped or svarnolitymi and are widely used in automotive, aircraft construction, car building and other fields.

The use of such structures savesmetal and labor. By welding can be manufactured from metal parts past various pretreatment, for example, rolled profiles welded with stamped, cast or forged blanks. It can be welded and dissimilar metals: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, steel and others.

In the manufacture of structures of complex shapethe use of welding instead of forging and casting gives a big economic effect. For example, labor productivity in the manufacture of welded structures is 2 times higher than the casting and forging and stamping, and working conditions considerably better. Capital investment per ton of weldments 1.5-2 times smaller, and the cost of 1.3-1.6 times lower than in the foundry industry. By reducing the weight, increased reliability and durability of products.

4.Udeshevlenie technological equipment. The welding equipment is relatively simple, relatively cheap and very high performance. This reduces the capital costs of construction and metalworking plants accelerates their commissioning.

5. Relief, comprehensive mechanization of mass production of the same type of welded products, the ability to create mass production with 100% mechanization and automation of the production cycle, which dramatically increases the removal of products from the production unit area of ​​the shop.

6. The possibility of a wide use in welded structures progressive modern types of materials: high-strength steels, cold-formed lightweight profiles, laminated sheet steel, light alloys, high-purity metals and others.

7. Relief microminiature manufacturing units and components in the manufacture of certain types of products - and other semiconductor devices.

8. The possibility of a wide use of welding, surfacing and cutting the repair, where the ways of metal processing enable fast and cost-effective to restore worn-out, the failed equipment and ruined buildings.

9. The tightness and reliability of welded joints.

10. The reduction of industrial noise and improve working conditions on the shop floor.

welding advantage
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