Selection of angle grinders

Select tool is not always easy, especiallywhen you do not realize until the end that you want to get a result. But with angle grinders often it occurs just such a situation. They come in various types: surface grinding, eccentric or tape. And they know about their features relatively few. Interestingly, the universal tool does not exist, so the exact replacement for each species there. We look at some recommendations the choice of angle grinders, that will help you choose the best option. Let's try to see what is important to consider when purchasing a tool.

Where to start selection

At the outset it is important to think about what type of modelyou need: professional or home? It's simple: these tools are different lifespan and the time during which they can work without interruption. If you purchase a professional tool, it can be used almost constantly. For their production used a special material capable of withstanding operational load. For those who are planning to periodically carry out the work, pay for professional equipment impractical. Models allow for domestic use on a monthly basis to perform work for several tens of hours. Grinders of this type have a smaller weight and dimensions as compared with their professional views. In addition, such equipment is different affordability.

When buying grinders important to define the purpose of itsuse. Remember that expert advice never hurts, so ask for help to the seller. Perhaps it will help to see the main differences tape, eccentric, angular and surface grinding machines. Through each of the above tool can obtain different polishing methods, however, such equipment will be successful in different types of work.

Getting to the selection of grinders

Bulgarian rightly referred to as the mostuniversal grinders species, because they allow you to perform grinding and polishing surfaces. This tool is highly effective for cutting and processing stone and metal.

An important characteristic is the size of disk andpower device. In many respects, these figures depend on the needs of the buyer. So, for cutting concrete best option is to use a tool, a power of about 2 kW, the best rotation speed is 6000 rev / min. To perform grinding and polishing sufficient models that about 1kW power, they disc rotation speed may be lower than 6000 rev / min.

determine the maximum size of the disk of its depthpenetration into the material. For this indicator, all angle grinders can be classified on average, in their diameter of 150-180 mm, small - 125 millimeters in diameter and larger, in which a diameter greater than 180 millimeters. The purpose of these instruments may differ. Machines of medium and large sizes in particular are often used in industry and in everyday life find their application device with a small size.

Considering the guidelines for choosing the Bulgarian,it is important to remember that this tool is not regulated by the disk rotation speed, so it can be used for grinding is not each material. Nowadays drives for Bulgarians in a wide range, each of which corresponds to a particular type of material. When discs are used for other purposes, it may be corrupt, in addition there is the possibility of injury.

Selection of angle grinders
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