Choosing a welding machine

Each welder can be attributed to one of two groups: a gas or electric. We will choose a welding machineSo gas equipment does not fall into this category, because it can not be stored in the house and electrical appliances use much safer.

Variety of welding machines

All electric arc welding equipment can beIt is divided into two types: welding equipment and semi-automatic. In semi-automatic wire is used for welding. Welding devices can be divided into devices with variable or constant current. This group includes inverters. For their work using electrodes. As a kind of semi-isolated, combined, that allow you to work with electrodes and wires.

Through each type considered above,You can achieve high-precision weld, but you must have some experience performing welding operations. If this area is relatively new to you, then it is better to purchase semi-automatic. If properly set up the device, then the arc will ignite automatically and the spatter is minimal. device settings will depend on the quality of its design.

In today's market of welding machinesthere is a great variety of them. If you need a device for home use, then you need to think, what kind it is best: the amateur or home appliances. They differ mainly issued capacity, cost and reliability. If you need choose a welding machine, We need to take into account the indicators that will be discussed in this article.

How to start a variety of welding equipment

Preferably, use instruments whichcooled without the aid of fans, in other words, have a natural cooling. To obtain the best welding quality you require devices with high power choke and capacious battery.

In the equipment that is equipped with an electronic braking system, is responsible for stopping the wire when disconnecting the equipment is no need for constant cutting off excess wire.

When choosing the welding equipment is important to assessunit in charge of feeding the wire: what it will be more equal, the smaller the number of sprays will be formed as a result of his work. Preferably, the blocks broach German production.

An important element is the spark arrester. His responsibilities include protection against sparks in cases when the machine is turned off. Through its use is possible to get rid of the residual charge.

In cases when you need automatic,working on cored wire, you need only consumable. Otherwise, the need to buy an additional container with carbon dioxide and reducer. Carbon dioxide when performing welding work served the minimum doses, the pressure sensor must be set to one or two points, but no more.

Advantages inverters

Inverter welding equipment famouscertain advantages. Primarily it can be noted that there is an ideal inverter output current, besides these known devices configurable in a large range.

The inverter efficiency ratio exceeds 90%, as inIt inductive losses are minimized. As a result of repeatedly fails to reduce power consumption. Choosing a welding machine for any purpose, it is necessary to assess the power consumption characteristics of a priority.

Among other important indicators of weldingdevices for home use are their size and weight. Weight inverters rarely falls short of the target of 10 kilograms, so these devices are easy to move and transport and storage it needs a minimum of space.

The main disadvantage of inverter weldingapparatus considered high cost, which is significantly higher than the classic welding devices. Such devices require high quality electrical network: a high-frequency inverter is not able to start with a small voltage. As a result, there are certain restrictions on their use: the grid is far from each region can boast a stable voltage.

Speaking of power, the homeUse power inverter 160 A is sufficient vehicles with amperage of 200 A relate to the professional type, which is reflected in the cost.

Choosing a welding machine
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