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The farm will be the cordless screwdriveruseful assistant. With it, you will be able to assemble furniture, install drywall boards, fasten the plinth, and more. Coming in building a supermarket or shop, you can see a wide range of tools from different vendors. Let's find out how to choose the screwdriver battery and what to look for when buying it.

From the very start to define the purposes for which ityou need. For home use is fine ordinary tools with modest specifications. In this case, you can avoid costly. If the means of a tool you drill metal or walls, whereas its technical characteristics should be more impressive, as well as price.

What should I consider when buying a screwdriver?

If the battery tool, then it is important to take into account the views of its batteries. They are of three types:

• Nickel Cadmium;

• Metal-hybrid;

• Lithium-ion.

Metal-hybrid cheapest, but also their timea slight discharge. But lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive and reliable. Therefore, before purchasing the screwdriver, try to know what type of battery it uses.

Next figure that deserves ourattention - this battery power. She is in the range of 9,6-24 W. The higher it is, the better the tool will be able to perform the most complex work and twist the screws into the problem areas. The flip side of a strong screwdriver is its considerable weight, because weighty tool is not as easy to work with.

The important characteristic of a torquemoment. For home use 10-13 Nm will be sufficient, but if you want a tool to successfully make a hole in the wall, then you have enough of 30-40 Nm. In some devices, the torque reaches 130 Nm.

When buying a screwdriver is important to take into account the frequency ofrotation. If the instrument is used only for tightening screws, then 400-500 rev / min would be enough, but to perform more serious repairs, this figure should be at least 1200 rev / min.

These are the basic characteristics that need to beto consider before buying a cordless screwdriver. Remember them, choosing the tool, and you do not have to lament that you purchased the wrong thing in the future.

Select cordless screwdriver
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