Choosing a compressor

In the arsenal of professional construction crewsquite often there are pneumatic or electric compressors. These devices are designed to produce the compressed air mass, there are situations in which, without them, just can not do. In today's market of compressors observed their enormous variety. Let us consider the features of varieties of equipment, and learn how to select compressor.

Getting to the choice

Well immediately realize that there is no compressorall occasions. This is due to the fact that the equipment is used for different purposes, and therefore the devices themselves may vary greatly. Most often used for civil works equipment, capable of providing up to 8 atmospheres pressure enough.

Members with choosing compressors most attention is paid to the volume of the receiver: it seems that this is the most important indicator. This container may have a volume of from 24 to 50 liters. However, other properties of the device are important, and in some cases even more significant.

Often motors of the same block isits use in the models that have different sizes receivers. In such situations, a model with a large receiver can lead to the considerable increase in their value, but limit their use to a minimum. Products with larger receivers should be used when you need the compressed air will not once to several times a day. The device will be able to create conditions in which there will be the need to include each time the engine when you will need the air pressure in a small amount. If the compressor is used for painting the house, while a small receiver you would be enough.

Other important characteristics

When you select the compressor equipment is importanttake into account the manufacturer. If you want to minimize overpayments, while still having the necessary compressed air, then you need to perform an approximate rendering the air flow all used with compressed air, which will function in the same time when using this compressor. This goal is easily achievable: each instrument has the characteristics of passport, which indicated their air mass flow.

This technique allows you to choose the bestcompressor manufacturer. But in this case it is important to take into account the following factors: models overseas production capacity is indicated at the entrance, so the figure is 30% higher performance output. This leads to the fact that in the art of production of domestic power supply is about 10-20%, and at least in a foreign 35%.

Other important characteristics of allocatedutilization of equipment in one shift. It allows you to determine how much time a particular instrument able to work without shutting down. Domestic standards define the figure of 0.75, indicating that the short-term and long-term of 0.15 - 0.5. Thanks to this feature you can learn about the features of the equipment, but it does not provide information on the termination of receipt of air coming from the receiver to the last empty.

Piston devices allow forfragmentary expendable. If there is a need for continuous cycle, then the best option is to use a screw compressor. But in this case we need to bear in mind that such equipment should not be used in a mode of constant interruption, since such structures compressor unit has a constant temperature.

Electric models may have a single phase orbe three-phase. If you often work off-site, then pay attention to the study of systems that operate by internal combustion engines or to generate electricity.

You can purchase the mobile sets, if desired,which include the compressor, the inverter and the generator of electric current. This set will be enough for the average construction site of the required amount of compressed air.

Purpose of the equipment allowsclassify it in the household, professional and industrial use device. Each of these devices has its own performance characteristics, pressure and service life. For small-sized workshop, garages and cottages need a model that allows you to get productive output of 350 liters per minute. If you plan to carry out long-term work, then why not look at the professional equipment. They are very reliable, however, and the price of such instruments above. Acquire them for home use simply impractical: their service life will simply not developed.

In this article we looked at the characteristics of a variety of equipment that will help select compressor. Try well-acquainted with the characteristics of the product, only in this case you can afford to be the selection of the best options according to your wishes and budget.

Choosing a compressor
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