Screwdrivers and their varieties. Advice on choosing and buying

Screwdriver - This electric hand toolin which the torque is regulated. The tool itself is designed for loosening and tightening screws, screws and other types of similar products. Also drill is used for drilling holes. Usually, screwdrivers operate on battery power. So, if you choose a cordless screwdriver, then before you start working, you need to charge it. Cordless Screwdrivers are different.

There are three types of batteries: Li-ion, NiCd, NiMH. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. And yet, lithium-ion is the best, because they have no memory effect and they have a good power consumption. After charging the battery must be installed in the slot. Next you need to install the tip, it appears will depend on the type of screws that you're going to twist. Now you need to adjust the torque. It is set by a special adjustment ring located over the chuck.

When working with a screwdriver is importantpossibility of changing the rotation speed of revolutions of the cartridge. It is governed by the intensity of pressing the start button. The speed is adjusted in two possible modes: tightening screws and drilling.

Types of screwdrivers

According to the types of work performed screwdrivers can be divided into several types.

1. screwdriver - a tool that is designed to work only with fasteners.

2. Drill-screwdriver - can also drill holes. It is the most common type of screwdriver, having also another mode of operation with a high speed.

3. Cordless screwdriver - has a long Phillips screwdriver bit typical. It is usually characterized by a small size and a minimum capacity. It can also be used for manual loosening and tightening screws as it has a special locking mechanism, which stops the transmission of torque, the bits coming from the engine. There are a screwdriver similar type, but operating on batteries.

4. Wrench - a tool that is used for loosening and tightening of various kinds of nuts and bolts. It works pulse. In contrast to the wrench in a conventional screwdriver short rod (it has a square shape, and its size varies from ¾ to 1 inch.

If you decide to buy a cordless screwdriver,you should know that usually, construction tools, running on electricity, divided into professional (for professionals) and amateur (for the average user). Choose screwdriver just enough. It is only necessary to decide for what purpose you want to use. Professional tools typically cost more, but they will last you longer, because kept sufficiently serious load.

But if you want to use a screwdriververy often, it is not necessary to pay for a more expensive unit. But if you are a builder-professional and intend to use the screwdriver every day, do not buy amateur devices, as they can not withstand strong loads.

Screwdrivers and their varieties. Advice on choosing and buying
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