Recommendations regarding the selection of welding equipment

In earlier times it was equipment for weldingbulky, heavy and require special skills to use. However, modern inverter welding deprived of all these shortcomings. On the site you can buy everything you need for welding - the basic equipment, electrodes, protection and more. However, before the investor purchase is necessary to define the basic parameters of the device. Consider what one should pay attention primarily.

What to consider when choosing an inverter for welding

The most common welding equipment manufacturedin China and European countries. In the first case, the devices are low cost, in the second - high value and prestige. Not always for the well-known brand, it makes sense to overpay. It is important just to know the basic parameters that must be considered when buying. Let's consider them in order.

Power. It must meet the electrical parameters. If the figure is 32A, while the wiring - 16A or 25A, the inverter operation can lead to the fact that all the wires burned.

The presence of protective systems. The welding equipment uses specialpower switches, which increase the electrical performance. If the voltage is high, they can simply burn out. The presence of special protection will prevent such consequences.

The duration of continuous operation. Display informs of the time forequipment which can operate at the maximum current. Well, if it will be 60% or higher. This means that the inverter can operate 6 minutes for 10 minutes and the remaining four minutes, he must rest.

Rated operating current. This is a value at which the operationequipment it will not overheat and work overload. For example, when welding metal of up to 4 mm thick electrodes need section of 3 mm. In this case, the optimal current is 120A. Okay, so that the device had some margin - it must be at least 30%. In this case, you should consider the inverters, the documentation of which is a figure of 160 amperes.

The level of moisture protection and dust protection. For this purpose, the equipment can be usedSpecial arrangements. Especially popular are devices with IP21 protection class. This is enough for home use. If the index higher, this is reflected in the cost of equipment.

Extra options. They give additional inverter functions,increase the comfort of working with him. Well, that was a function of "Antizalipanie", which blocks the flow of current when the electrode zalipnet. And thanks to the regime of "hot start" equipment less than a second is ready for welding. If the inverter is used to create a vertical seam, then the useful function "arc Fast and Furious."

Other parameters that should be considered whenbuying an inverter is suitable for the repair of equipment, warranty and ease of use. Coming with all the attention to the selection of devices, you get a reliable assistant for welding.

Recommendations regarding the selection of welding equipment
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