Recommendations for choosing a CNC router

Metal processing by usinga variety of equipment, one of the most effective and popular is a CNC milling machine. Technique is quite complex and expensive, it is not surprising that before buying it should be chosen wisely. Company Akron-Systems offers a wide range of company equipment at reasonable prices. It remains only to determine exactly what you need.

Key parameters that should be considered when choosing a CNC router

Sometimes, after the acquisition of the machine business owners are faced with different challenges. Let's get acquainted, it should be noted that, to avoid such effects.

Determine the maximum size of the workpiece. This option will help to calculate the size of the workingfield equipment. To get the desired result, the workpiece to be processed from all sides, thereby improving the quality of work performed and does not require frequent changeover to perform.

the machine spindle. This element is one of the most important andexpensive equipment. It is better not to buy equipment from little-known manufacturers, especially if the devices have liquid cooling. High-quality spindle with quality care will be able to serve at least five years. Another important parameter is its capacity - it must have a margin in comparison with the expected loads.

The design of milling machines. It is important to think about the portal, well, that he wassolid-cast and made of cast iron. In this case, the equipment will be of high resistance to vibration and high rigidity. Some manufacturers produce them from the aluminum, which leads to cost reduction. However, this reduces the quality of treatment.

Number of tool. It is necessary to determine in advance the number of tools,are required to complete processing of workpieces. If their number exceeds 3, it may require frequent replacement, then it is better to prefer equipment with automatic or semi-automatic tool change.

The motors for moving the portal. Motors are servo motors and motionstepper. The most advanced are considered units of the first type, but they are more accurate, fast and expensive. While processing, they do not accumulate errors. They do not skip steps, which are peculiar to the stepper motors. Servo reliable manufacturers to help increase the longevity of milling machines.

Control Stand. It is important to carefully examine the item. Equipment from leading manufacturers do not need to be connected to a PC, and has other important advantages.

Software. It is important to examine the software that the manufacturer provides to the milling equipment. Okay, so they were Russified and easy to use.

As you can see, the choice of milling machine has a number of features and the criteria to be taken into account. Carefully examining all, you can buy the most suitable type of equipment.

Recommendations for choosing a CNC router
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