Recommendations for choosing a ring cutter for metal

The modern market offers tools in itsa wide range, even annular cutters presented dozens of models. Each of them has its own characteristics. To the annular cutter can fulfill all the expectations placed upon it, it is necessary to wisely choose. Consider how this is best done.

Determine the ring shank cutters

Some manufacturers of drilling machines in theirmanufacturing use unique shank, as a result of the buyer is forced to use only their branded products. Such manufacturers include Nitto, Fein and others. Other companies produce equipment with standard shank.

It is important to understand that the annular cutter with uniqueshanks are more expensive, the price difference is quite noticeable. Their use leads to an increase in the cost of finished products. In addition, this tool is less common, so if you have to buy a cutter with a unique shank, it can not be all over the city. So, you will have to be ordered via the Internet and wait for their delivery.

If the machine has a unique tail, you can buy an adapter that allows the use of universal product.

Choosing the material for the manufacture of annular cutters for metal

The special spread quickly today receivedcutting steel and hard alloys. The material of the first type in common called "bystrorezom", it uses a special steel the HSS, it can help to make openings at higher speeds. An important advantage of the material is resistant to damage. Hard metals are special plates, which are soldered to the crown cutters, and they are used for cutting metal.

Each material has its own characteristics, we consider them in detail:

• cost - carbide cutters bystrorezov more expensive by about 20-25%;

• Grind - carbide cutters do not involve the subsequent sharpening, but bystrorezy amenable to such treatment;

• Resistance - life of bystrorezov usually 20-25% lower than that of carbide tools;

• qualification of personnel - carbide cuttersrequire a more highly qualified specialists, otherwise the crown of the instrument can be quickly knocked out a tooth. Restore such a defect is not possible, it will have to buy a new mill.

Acquainted with the peculiarities of different types of ring cutters, you can choose the most suitable.

Recommendations for choosing a ring cutter for metal
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