Recommendations for choosing a router

Fraser will be very helpful when performingnumber of household work: sidebar locks, furniture, etc. If the right to use the tool, then the work will be largely simplified, and life will become much easier. Let's look at some best practices for the choice of router. With this tool can easily handle the edges to produce grooves and holes cut complex configurations.

Modern routers make it possible to perform processingthe huge variety of materials: plastic, MDF, wood, particle board and many others. Thereby, the tool slots and grooves are made in the wood construction, chamfered, the connecting elements are produced, etc. To maximize compliance tool to your needs you need to choose it.

How to start a variety of router?

Giving preference to a particular instrument,it would be wise to first determine the work he would normally perform. If the main focus of the router will use the production of small boxes, or toys made of wood, while small and light equipment will be quite enough. If the tool to be used at full power, then it is not necessary to buy a model with a small weight.

Experts recommend choose a router with itspower. This characteristic should correspond to the equipment, and the types of work for which it will be used. If you can find an optimal solution between the capacity of the router and its weight, then you will achieve maximum comfort in the work. If desired, the router can handle, but it is better to place it on the table. Remember, whatever the power of the equipment, it will never be a lot.

Features Power and speed management

We first consider the particular food. When choosing equipment, it is important to examine the switch, because when using this operation will be too late to make. Many people find it convenient, when the switches provides the function of fixing, but in any case should be in the presence of a button to lock the unplanned inclusion. Fixing tool to enable mode, you will ensure the user experience, and to carry out certain work with wood is a must. This situation is due to the fact that the switch must always hold, and the presence of the blocking mechanism will achieve further insurance against injury.

With the ability to adjust the speedthe tool surface can be processed at optimum speed, for which various materials may vary. this is one characteristic for wood coatings and alloys, for plastics - is quite different. Thanks to this feature, you can increase the comfort of use of the tool. If you get a router for processing the same material, then it makes sense to buy a one-speed equipment.

Other important characteristics

Collet cone-shaped, made ofhardened steel, are very popular. They are ideal for tapered shaft of the engine. Made of steel collets have lower cost, while their size is not always sufficient to grip the cutter. Moreover, such products have a low wear resistance, sometimes because of their cutting edge starts to rattle.

Nowadays almost all the manufacturers in the lineproducts offer samples to the gateway, which allows you to perform a dust suction. It can be an additional component, and may be part of a complete set of equipment when buying. Embed this element of the router will provide the highest quality dust suction. On the market today are some systems which use special tubes which allow escape of dust. When their work is reduced visibility, but if you use a special table, then visibility is maintained at an acceptable level.

In general, as far as possible use for millingspecial tables. The tool must be equipped with a sole that ensures excellent visibility, as well as fixing points with high strength. Do not interfere with the system for setting the height and a simple switch. Well, when the shape of the equipment is convenient for operation.

Recommendations for choosing a router
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