Recommendations regarding the selection of the drill for rotary hammers

In our time, not without drills orone building. These powerful, comfortable and functional tools allow to make holes in solid surfaces. If you want the equipment safely carry out its role, then you will be useful guidelines for choosing the drill for rotary hammers.

Modern drills and their sizes

The most popular purchased these drillssizes: SDS Max and SDS +. The first components are used in heavy punchers, while the latter were designed for light and medium-class equipment, the weight of which does not exceed 5 kg. These species differ in structure Boers attachment portion and maximum diameter. For example, consumables, standard size with SDS Max, characterized by a large weight and dimensions.

On sale there are special adaptersBoers, using which you can do the job sizes as accessories, which are not designed to work with these punches. Although you can make holes through such drills, professionals advised not to use them. This is due to the fact that in cases where the equipment is designed for drills SDS +, and you are using components that have a greater length, diameter or weight, this greatly reduces the service life perforator.

The intensity of removal of sludge - an important indicator

Modern building materials market iswide selection of three types of drills: low angle, high angle and screw. Applying the principle of screw cutting can increase the rate of diversion of sludge, which is especially important during shallow grooving. To drill a hole of considerable depth, the best option is to use a screw drills, because they can be used to achieve a small load on the hammer and the drilling rate can be quite high.

Recommendations for choosing a drill to punch suggest the need to recognize the fact thatAccessories with a slight tilt can last for a long time only on condition that the builder will put little effort. If you are using drills of this type, take care of minimum load. In carrying out such work is almost a professional gets tired, but the speed of the holes will be low. By drills of this type can be manufactured much shallow holes.

If the storm grooves are formed with a smallslope, the sludge will be given an order of magnitude faster, so the performance of the work will increase as the load on the punch. If you want to increase the drilling rate, then you will approach this type of drills. At the same time it is important to avoid overheating of the instrument.

How to choose a producer

In today's market is represented by the Boers productsmany manufacturers. Low price category contains borax domestic production and Chinese manufacturers. Known manufacturers produce Amateur components that belong to the middle price range. For products from renowned European manufacturers will have to pay a lot. We will try to analyze the products of each price category.

The performance of domestic or BoersChinese production did not differ constancy. In their manufacture is very rarely adhere to the correct hardening mode, so the product fail prematurely. Such drills may be performed in inaccurate dimensions and in the same bundle may be products of different quality. As a result, one drill will last a long time, and the next will not stand, and a dozen holes. These products are worth buying and if, then only in cases where the guns are not used, and you will by all means want to achieve maximum savings.

As practice shows, this enables savingsdeplorable results. Even for home use, try to buy well-known manufacturers of accessories which belong to the amateur mind. These drills were not designed for high-intensity loads, but at home they can last for a long time without causing its owners any problems.

You were able to learn in detail about the varieties of Boersand their sizes. Having defined the basic characteristics that are taken into account when choosing the Boers, you can ensure that your instrument quality consumables.

Recommendations regarding the selection of the drill for rotary hammers
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