Recommendations for choosing a chainsaw

Add disk electric saw can bethe acquisition of the chain saw. Quite often, buyers are facing a difficult question: what to prefer electric or petrol devices? Let's look at some guidelines for choosing the chain saw, for this we need to assess its strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths of chain electric saws

With the help of a chain electric saw, you can notgasoline to achieve identical replacement devices. However, often enough to use it more comfortable than the analogue using the gasoline engine. Their main advantage is the lower price and lower value in use.

Using chain saws do not requireneed to possess certain skills, in addition, it is more simple to use. Such equipment you emit harmful substances into the atmosphere when used. With it, you can do long-term operation even in confined spaces.

To fully appreciate guidelines for choosing the chain saw, should be considered weaknesses of this tool.

Weaknesses of chain electric saws

To connect the gear motor and the armatureused hard method that allows you to directly organize the transfer of torque to the chain. This protects the motor from the different overloads, which are inherent in the performance of work with a dull chain. Periodic tool sharpening allows to increase its service life.

If the voltage drops in the power increasedifferent load on the electric motor. If the tool is not implemented in thermal protection, this can lead to burnout. If you use protection against overheating, it can operate continuously, so you need to be constantly waiting for the cooling equipment. The result will be a significant drop in labor productivity.

But even in those cases when the saw wasperfectly sharpened, and the power voltage is stable, the life of equipment is much lower devices with petrol engines. According to experts, electric chain saws are used to 5 years even with medium loads. Of course, one can increase the durability, if purchase professional tool, but it will have to go to additional costs.

Chain saws with petrol engines,fully autonomous: they can be used to perform work in planting or forest where electrical counterparts simply do not apply. If you finally decided on electrical devices, then you should consider their peculiarities.

What is important to consider when choosing electric chain saws

Firstly it is important to estimate the power of the motor,because it is the performance of the tool depends on it. In addition, note that the voltage drop in the network significantly reduces the power characteristics, so it is best that it be a reserve. Remember that power will never be a lot!

Well, that was equipped with electric sawblocking its inclusion system. This tool has a high capacity, and can cause great harm if handled carelessly. Lock-off switch will prevent accidental activation of equipment, its capture of one hand or kickback.

Well consider the preferred locationan electric motor. In chain saws, it may be in the transverse position, but in this case it would be difficult to balance. Such a tool would be useful if the work, it is only in the vertical direction. Of course, the equipment in which the electric motor is located longitudinally more convenient to use, but it is more expensive. However, these products are highly ergonomic and allow you to effectively carry out the work in each of the planes.

What else is important to look for when choosing a power saw

When using the tool most extreme stages- Is to run the engine and braking. It says here the maximum rate of current. Thanks to the system for a smooth launch substantially increases the duration of the life of the motor. To ensure the protection of an important node and suppress occurrences of maximum loads is best to use an electric saw, the design of which provides for the restriction index starting current. The motor in this case increases the speed gradually.

Experts believe the return stroke - the most dangerousphenomenon when working with different types of chain saws. It occurs when the end of the tire and wood in contact with. To avoid this phenomenon will help the presence of the chain brake. special plate that is used to handle the tool to bring it into effect. Even when sliding the hand in the reverse impact, it will not fall to the canvas, and rested in the shield. As a result of lightning triggered a spring brake application occurs automatically, and then stop the chain immediately.

Low profile chains used in the construction ofelectric saws. They have a lower performance compared to high profile products, but they transmit less vibration of the instrument, so the safety of its operation increases.

Recommendations for choosing a chainsaw
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