Recommendations for choosing electroplane

If you ever worked with a plane, then youfamiliar with how the process can be time-consuming refining wood. Unlike his fellow mechanical power planes do the same work without much physical effort, besides they can still fix, making thereby planer.

Unlike mechanical analogue eletrorubankimore useful and functional in operation. All load assumes the electric motor and the master need only set the direction of the tool. If you have no experience in working with this tool can be formed on the surface of some of the recess. Therefore, experts advise to brush up on unnecessary boards. With elektrorubanka you may perform preliminary planing, fit, processing size, rebating, bevel, as well as make other operations. To the tool worked for a long time, was comfortable and functional, should consider recommendations for choosing electroplane.

Getting to the choice

Almost every power can beIt is divided into two great classes: professional and consumer models. The differences between them lie in the duration of continuous operation, the power and set functions. Here, the rule is: if you work from time to time, buy consumer model, but at full load is better to give preference to professional tools.

The principal characteristics of electric planersEngine power can be attributed, drum rotation speed, depth and width of the planing tool. Each of these parameters should be paid attention to when choosing a model.

Elektrorubanok actuated thanksa motor which rotates a drum with knives fastened. Wood is an inhomogeneous structure, so it is good if the tool has a high power (at a speed of 10000 rev / min to 600 watts and above).

The rotational movement of the motor is transmitteddrum due to the timing belt, which wear out with time. Run its replacement is not difficult, because it is located under the removable side cover. The smooth increase in speed eliminates any overload of the motor when it is turned on. Many planes are equipped with rotating drum, which is open on one side. This makes it possible to choose the length of a quarter of the entire workpiece at a right angle. With lateral limiter you can choose a quarter of the required width.

What else is important to consider

The soles are made of electric planers castaluminum, they are divided into two parts, one of which is at the front of the drum, and the second rear. If the sole surface is smooth, the workpiece to be processed efficiently. Sole with a longitudinal groove prevents formation between treated wood and its air cushion, preventing the implementation of the slice of the same thickness.

Like the hand planes, electric analogueIt allows you to set the cutoff depth. To make it necessary to adjust the front portion of the sole adjustment. They moved vertically drives a button or lever with divisions. With the divisions you can set the desired cutting depth of up to 0.1 millimeters. As the knob is often acts as a second handle, it is equipped with internal notches, and to switch it to be lifted. If the tool does not have notches, while at work settings can be shot down. Step switch is typically 0.1 millimeter, but it is not constant and may vary from product to product. It is best to scale in the machine begins with a mark below zero, because some tools even at the level of "0" remain remove chips. In addition, the width and length of the sole influence on the smoothness and resistance movements elektrorubanka work.

This tool has one more usefulfunction: it can be easy to do the job for rebating or quarter. You can use an additional angular stop, which limits the width of the planing and helps to keep the angle between the edge of the board or bar, and a plane. In addition to the right of the planer can be installed depth limiter, which does not allow him to cut the excess wood. Also allows the angle stop surface and at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees.

So we looked at the basic indicators and guidelines for choosing the planers. Taking note of this information, you can select a tool that will meet your needs.

Recommendations for choosing electroplane
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