Recommendations for choosing a spray gun

Painting the house, car and other structuresIt can take a lot of time and effort. Solve the problem will help gun. It will greatly simplify the task and save time, the modern market offers a variety of devices, so choose the most appropriate can be quite difficult. And if the gun is pneumatic, it must be purchased with a reciprocating compressor, which will provide the compressed air. Consider how his right to choose.

Features pneumatic spray guns

To perform medium and large volumes of workbest used pneumatic spray guns. All variety of devices can be divided into three types: HP, HVLP and LVLP. Each of them has its own characteristics.

HP spray gun designed to createhigh pressure, they are low cost devices. Their advantage is the high rate of dyeing, but high precision of these devices is unlikely to remain. Spray paint HP differ large expenditure. They are usually used for coloring large objects, for which the accuracy of the application is not critical.

HVLP spray gun allows to obtain lowa significant amount of pressure. The special nozzle design allows the device to significantly reduce material consumption. However, the speed of the spray gun is significantly inferior HP peers.

Spray LVLP are the best solution topresent day. They allow you to obtain at a low pressure low volume. Devices of this type have a high efficiency at high speed. They differ extremely high cost and are typically used for professional purposes. Spray LVLP not need high power compressors, so they can save.

Choosing a pneumatic spray gun, it is importantconsider the location of the tank. If necessary, ensure permanent control of ink levels, then it is better to give preference to a plastic tank. Metal containers will be an excellent solution for those cases where a substantial margin of paint required. Most often, they are arranged in the bottom of the equipment, their volume is greater than 1 liter.

Features electric spray guns

This affordable device thatused at home to perform a small amount of work. Such devices are easy to use, they do not cause problems in service. The paint is sprayed through the diaphragm oscillations that occur due to electric current.

Work from home electric spray gunsnetwork. To operate the devices is not necessary to purchase a compressor. There are no problems in the transport and storage equipment. However, in terms of electrical power spray guns are inferior pneumatic counterparts.

We reviewed the characteristics of pneumatic and electric spray guns. Get to know their strengths and weaknesses, you can make a conscious choice.

Recommendations for choosing a spray gun
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