Recommendations for choosing a pruning shear

Using secateurs gardener can controlgrowth of shrubs and trees. If the crown is not cut in a timely manner, it may become too wide and high. This in turn leads to certain inconveniences at harvest, and yields itself to have a negative impact. As a result, the branches that are located inside the crown does not contain young shoots, and thus color. And settling at an acute angle branches can break off under the weight of ripe crops. To solve these and other problems with a garden you can use the secateurs. let's consider guidelines for choosing the pruner.

Select tool

The most important and the first requirement thatadvances to pruners, this material - the instrument should be made of stainless steel. In addition, it should be easy to disassemble for sharpening. Another important indicator - pruner should be comfortable in your hand, even when a large amount of work prevent the occurrence of blisters. In this garden tools must be loop-strap to secure it to the wrist: it will increase the ease of working with the stepladder. Since work with secateurs have an open-air, it must be protected from moisture.

If we talk about the manufacturer, the quality tool for the garden made the Germans, Swedes and Finns. Of course, the cost is much higher quality secateurs consumer goods.

If the same amount of work in your garden is small, thenYou can think about buying an inexpensive tool, even domestic production. The design is simple cheap pruners, and their blades are not so demanding on the quality of sharpening.

Ease of use is achieved due to the handles. For their production used a different material: wood, tubular steel, reinforced plastic, polypropylene and aluminum alloy. When choosing a pen it is important to take into account the time during which they have to work. If it will take a long while for the manufacture of pen should be used rough soft material, it should not slip in your palm. In those cases, when you work one or two hours, smooth plastic handle with recesses for the fingers will be quite enough. With these levers closed fingers get protection from the top, to the same they enhance productivity and reliably perform the capture. Such lever are titanium pruners. We covered the basic guidelines for choosing the secateurs.

Proper sharpening blades

To perform sharpening, pruning shears should becompletely disassembled. Cutting is sloped portion of the blade, which is called a facet. In most cases the width of one to two millimeters, and it is almost perpendicular to the cutting line. Use this hand tool is not very convenient, in addition, they can damage the thread. Before working best to sharpen knives to chamfer width is slightly more than 5 mm.

To do this, you must elektrotochilefirst remove the metal. From chamfer is expected to be flat and can reach close to the counter-blade, without touching it. After this operation, the blade is adjusted on the bar. The inner surfaces of the cutting inserts do not need to hang around. Only at the end of a bit of sharpening their rule. If secateurs sharpened correctly, they can even cut paper.

The sharpening pruners imported not convenient,because they use a higher metal quality. But they do not tupyatsya long, however, such products should provide more care and adhere to the designed load. Hand Pruner designed for trimming branches with a diameter of not more than 2.5 centimeters. If you use the tool for large loads, it can be easy to break. Also, do not use the pruner for other purposes - for cutting metal and other materials.

When it is finished, it should be a toolcleared of debris, wipe it with tree sap, wipe with a dry cloth and lubricate with liquid lubricating oil. Keep the pruner should be in a dry place, if possible in a special case.

Recommendations for choosing a pruning shear
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