Recommendations for choosing a mixer

If you have to start the construction of villas,house or other building, then you come up with the need to prepare a lot of concrete. Of course, all the components can be mixed manually, but it takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, using a concrete mixer, you will significantly lighten your life. Let's learn how to choose the right equipment for the preparation of concrete and mortar.

Key Selection Criteria

To start with the volume of the drum. The modern market offers products in a wide range, they can serve a wide variety of purposes. As a rule, for the construction of private buildings drum capacity of 80-150 liters would be sufficient. However, we should bear in mind that you can get ready-made mixture of the same volume as a drum, and a maximum of 15%.

Another important indicator - engine power,and the voltage that is necessary for normal concrete mixer. The household models that run on 220V, motor power is limited to 1 kW. If there is a serious need for the equipment necessary to worry about if a voltage of 380V. Sometimes it is possible to conduct electricity with the desired characteristics, if this is not possible, it is necessary to use a generator. As a rule, in most cases for private construction concrete mixer drum and 100 liters in the 800 W unit is sufficient.

What else you need to consider

There are several other features thatyou must take note of. First of all, the method of mixing. All mixers can be classified into two types: forced or gravitational action. In the first case the structure consists of a stationary tank, there are required the blades that mix is ​​prepared. Often, these devices are combined with concrete, which can apply a ready solution to the distance. The individual construction of this type of equipment is used relatively infrequently.

Gravity concrete mixers feature highversatility. Their design includes a rotating drum with blades attached to the walls. Their movement occurs cooking mixture. Using such mixers can produce light and heavy concrete.

Recommendations for choosing a mixer
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