Recommendations for choosing a jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is used for longitudinal,transverse or shape cutting of various sheet materials. It consists of an electric motor of small size and weight. Through jigsaw can deal with different kinds of work. It will perform a curved and straight cuts of various materials, as well as perform a rectangular and round holes. This article suggests some guidelines for choosing the jigsaw.

The main types of electric jigsaws

All varieties of this equipmentclassified into professional and home appliances. For household tools include products with a lower power rating, working life and the number of different functions. domestic appliances can effectively cut parts made of wood, which in a thickness of not more than 7 cm, and the maximum thickness of 4 mm steel. These products are nominated lower requirements than to the professional varieties in our markets often offer products of Chinese and Polish producers. Producers are advised not to use household saws jigsaws for more than 20 hours per month. Not surprisingly, the level of domestic prices jigsaws less than their professional counterparts.

In the development of its professional toolsmanufacturers require more intensive its operation. Performance of Jigsaw much higher. They allow you to easily cut wood, thickness of no more than 14 centimeters, aluminum maximum thickness of 2 cm, and steel - 1 centimeter. At this level, the price of the instrument affects a number of characteristics: popular brand, the power of the product and the number of functions.

specialists recommend when choosing a jigsaw get acquainted with the additional functionality.

Features additional functions

All modern models of a mechanismPendulum which imparts additional sawing horizontal when moving in the performance of cutting or backwards. The material is cut only when moving the sawing up. Implementation of this feature increases productivity and improves service time sawing, but it can cause a decrease in the quality of cutting. When you finish the cut must turn off this function. Shuttle better not to use in carrying out the work with metal or hardwood.

If you cut the material of various kinds,then the stroke frequency adjustment will be one of the most convenient features. Select frequency can be one of two ways - by changing the pressure on the start button, and you can install it before turning on the jigsaw. It is important to realize that with increasing number of strokes increased tool performance measure, but it will cause greater wear fabric.

Electric jig may have a number of otheradditional functions. Thus, the ability to automatically blowing dust will clean the cutting line from the sawdust and dust. With built-in lamp can lighten the work area, so that the tool can work even in low light. The implementation of quick-change system saw blade is enough to press the lever, and then spoiled the fabric can be easily replaced. Through corners clamp the tool is fixed in the desired position.

Important factors when choosing electric jigsaws

Power electric tools - mostan important indicator when selected. It is this characteristic will largely determine the possibility of continuous operation of the equipment, and will also affect the depth of the cut. The instruments such as domestic capacity will be located at 350 W or slightly higher in the professional counterparts, this figure exceeds 550 watts.

When working with different types of materials are welllook at the tool that would allow us to adjust the frequency of stroke. Do not be afraid to learn as much as possible to connect to the electric vacuum cleaner jigsaws. Availability of automatic blowing dust is very convenient, but the use of the vacuum cleaner will get rid of the smallest particles of dust, and your workplace will always be in perfect condition.

We looked at some guidelines for choosing the jigsaw. Listening to them, you can buy a tool that will best fit your needs.

Recommendations for choosing a jigsaw
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