Recommendations for choosing a chisel

Chisel is an integral part of anyjoiner set. It is distinguished by simplicity of construction, at the same time it is widely used in a variety of materials. Today in building supermarkets offer a wide range of tools, which can be quite varied: punched, punching or forged. Now we have to get acquainted with some advice on the choice of a chisel.

The design of chisel type have wroughtmore subtle pen compared with a cutting edge, in addition to them there is a special emphasis. In comparison with other varieties of chisels their pen is very thick, so you can process the material with increased hardness.

If we talk about the design punching chisels,in many respects it is similar to the kinds of forged, but the pen is thinner. Cutting chisels specifically designed for carving wooden surfaces. They allow you to achieve high accuracy in the processing base with low density.

The construction of several forged chiselsis different. This hand tool with a pair of parallel faces of large width, allowing to install thrust washers. This design protects them from the grip of its displacement in the direction of the shank.

How to choose a chisel

There is a system of characteristics that are importantconsider when choosing chisels. Well from the beginning to know who is the manufacturer of this tool. If it is well-known company such as Stubai, then it is possible to purchase products without any fear. Typically, these manufacturers tend to go all out to maintain won reputation and market position. They use the highest quality steel with high tempering, so that the maximum period of use of the tool. This is sometimes enough to sharpen a chisel. high quality tool easily allows you to handle oak or beech beams even across their fibers. The working depth can be up to 15 centimeters.

Sharpening a chisel, you can easily checkhow quality steel used in its manufacture. If the steel is hard, whereas when sharpening steel pen short burrs are formed. Sharpening soft steels it is accompanied by formation of longer borozdochek. If burrs are completely absent, then in front of you with insufficient hardening metal. This creates the risk that the most inopportune moment chisel tip may break.

Length is an important characteristic, whichyou need to look for when choosing a chisel. Increasing this parameter reduces the maximum possible load, which can be subjected to the tool. Therefore, if you need to do in the solid material of a deep hole, it is better to use a chisel with a small length. If desired, several tools extend the handle length.

Nowadays, the building materials marketIt presented a lot of high-quality chisels, and their range is simply amazing. Sure, everyone wants to chisel it was high quality, but not everyone knows what it needs to do. However, this is a simple process. Before buying a product it is important to make sure that he is able to perform a hole in the oak beams and blunt before. Then vote sharpened edge of the pen if it were a short barb, then to you of high quality tool steel. If there is no short barbs, do not hesitate to give up the purchase of this product.

Recommendations for choosing a chisel
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