Recommendations for choosing a hammer

Hammer - a special percussion instrument,which is made small. With it, smash a variety of objects, hammer nails, moreover, with a hammer can produce various kinds of work. Each country house or a residential apartment should be a place for this tool. The article will be considered guidelines for choosing the hammer.

Most often, the hammer structure comprises a pair ofparts: the percussion section and the handle. The impact of the often made of a durable material, which is able to retain its shape. With the increase in the length of the handle increases the power of strikes.

Different types of hammers

Nowadays hammers have a widevariety of shapes and sizes. Various types of tools are designed for all sorts of areas of use. special carpentry hammers are used for pulling out nails, the back of which is a split that serves as a claw hammer. If you want to keep the nails intact, then purchase the equipment, the impact of which is soft and made of lead, copper and rubber.

The locksmith hammers are provided two differentstriker - one of them has a flat shape, and the second narrowed. To do the work of a carpenter, made specialized hammers, on which there is a notch striker. In cases where you need to score clove small thickness, applied metalwork tools, the striker who is sharpening.

To carry out the work of a carpenter convenient meanstool equipped with a claw: it can be used not only to drive nails into the wood, and removing them from it. In domestic purposes, many use hammers, which are equipped with a removable rubber or nylon head. This type of tool has a supple head, through which you can push the object or hit it.

One of the varieties of hammer - mallet. Its head can be round or acute, for its creation using hardwood timber. These mallets are used for driving in wood chisels. In contrast to the analogues with steel-tipped mallet will not cause damage to a wooden handle.

Balda - a special tool thatcharacterized by inversely proportional to the exposure mechanism. It comprises a sledgehammer, equipped with a wide head and long handle. Through this instrument increases the power of strikes. Balda allows the use of rubber caps, which will leave intact soft materials.

Many experts recommended when selecting a hammer decide for what purpose it will be used.

How to choose the right hammer

To perform works of high fineness, in which the minimal effort needed to select a small hammer. To work with nails length of 100 millimeters is best suited a heavy tool.

Joinery hammers and mallets for plumbing workis a tremendous diversity: they are represented by dozens of various models. Often, through such tools can extract from a bar nails quickly and efficiently. To create their arms can be used various synthetic materials and wood. Hammers of this kind looks attractive, but their reliability is poor, and with heavy use, they simply break down. The disadvantages of such instruments can be attributed not only to a lack of toughness: the reliability of the lugs is largely inferior Nailing. They now and then fed in the most inconvenient moment. Poor-quality steel - these are the true cause of the low reliability of the equipment. This metal does not pass the heat treatment at a desired level. Before purchasing an instrument would be wise to ask its manufacturer. Hammers that have been made in our country, is hardly attractive in appearance, but their reliability can be the envy of many foreign analogues.

Hammers are designed to perform plumbingworks differ slightly convex shape of the striker, but it is flat in the plumbing analogues. Weight hammer is the most diverse. To perform upholstery is better to use a hammer, which weighs only 200 grams, and with the pound tool to deal effectively with serious work. In the mass range between them presented many hammers are used in a variety of construction works. Many say usability wooden handles, but also a mixture of rubber with the plastic can be comfortable.

Having considered these guidelines for choosing the hammer, you can see the advantages and disadvantageseach instrument variations. The house of every good host should be a couple of high-quality hammers, it is best that they differ not only weight, but also the type.

Recommendations for choosing a hammer
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