Power tools for the repair of apartments

It is hard to imagine a renovated apartmentwithout the use of power tools. Not long ago, we used to repair the ceilings and walls of the conventional vacuum cleaner, which can work on blowing through a hose. On it hung a hose sprayed with whitewash, in the case of walls - with colored, and began the process of finishing. The remaining operations are made by hand using hand tools same.

But now finishing materials - suchvariety that only one household appliance can not do. Even to hang an ordinary cornice for curtains, need not hand drill and hammer. Also, with his help, you can hollow out the grooves under the hidden wiring and hang new mounts under the lights. When installing a suspended ceiling, or tension this power also will be indispensable. Hung up the wall cabinets and shelves on the main wall without the use of the gun is impossible.

That is why many are looking for new settlers, where to buy a hammer, besides quality and multifunctional. What features can be at such a tool?

• Punch.

• Drill.

• screwdriver.

• Impact screwdriver.

• The grinding machine.

• Circular Saw.

Power tools for the repair of apartments Power tools for the repair of apartments

What you can do multi-functional hammer

For example, consider the process of installing a newkitchen units. We need to hang on the wall a few cabinets, wiring to bring the hood, electric stove, washing machine and dishwasher. And also make a few sockets for small kitchen appliances. To do this, you will have to perform cutting grooves for cabling at 220, and drill holes for the installation of dowels.

Typically, the one wall which is gas orelectric stove and sink, is capital. This wall can be drilled puncher, if the house is built of reinforced concrete. If a monolithic "shelves" that she often carriers are columns, and the walls are cost of the very friable foam. It is better to drill a drill, turning off the hammer mechanism. The same applies to asbestos, as it is the passage of the perforator crumbles.

Asbestos boards were often used in homes1980-1990 years in the blocks of toilets, which often have a common wall with the kitchen. The ceilings in monolithic buildings are always made of reinforced concrete, so we have to work on them just a puncher. Screwdriver handy when inserted into the holes and the dowels will be time to screw the screws ..

Power tools for the repair of apartments
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