Plastering station and its features

Speaking of plaster stations, it should be noted,that is the whole installation, equipped with a specific set of equipment. It usually has an electronic control panel. Plastering machines used in various construction works. In most cases, they performed a continuous manufacturing process solutions, which is difficult to achieve by other cooking methods (eg, hand mixer). Dry construction mixtures, and the solvent (water) in the correct proportions are put into the station and the employee is no longer distracted by the need to prepare the working material. But it's not all that can perform plaster station. Many machines are equipped with special sleeves for supplying a certain pressure of the solution. Actually, quite a lot of features, the station can: Apply the solution to escalate it to carry out spraying (a kind of "wet spray", produced by the station under the pressure of the compressed air mass), as well as make certain the mortar injection.

Further advantages

Plastering machines in constructionIt achieved a number of useful things, without which it would be difficult to carry out plastering work. For example, the machine is able to quickly prepare a person working solution and, most importantly, quickly put on his large treated surfaces. Moreover, the solution itself is a more uniform composition. In fact, using a station can achieve perfect consistency working material. In many machines even have the appropriate software settings for such cases. Also, from the practice, seen efficiency of plaster stations, out of work materials machinery consumes more. Plus, the process is usually activated and fewer employees (human resource efficiency is achieved).

The station is easy to produce such constructionworks as plastering both large and small surfaces, application of special solutions (for thermal insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance or repair), and the machine is used for pouring floors (via injection function), when the surface finish leveling floor screeds or different device. In addition to the above, plastering machines perform with expanded polystyrene solutions and special coatings for decorative plaster.

Remember! Machines for plastering are also distinguished by the power and capacity of the working capacity, so before you make a purchase, you need to clearly define the scope of the future construction works.

Plastering station and its features
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