Semi plants dry mixes - as they should be?

Dry mixes have become an integral part of anymodern construction. They are used for the preparation of mortars, plasters, repair and waterproofing compounds, help in setting up the floor, etc. When building a house or need a ton of dry mixes. They are in high demand and will help to build a profitable and effective business.

Semi-dry construction mixes plant will help to organize the production of high quality products. We draw attention to the principle of operation of the equipment.

The principle of operation of semi-automatic plant of dry mixes

The equipment should be capable ofsupply of sand, cement and various additives. Storage of the first two components is carried out by means of a silo, which can be equipped with various devices - aeration system, air filters, various sensors, etc. The screw conveyor is designed for conveying cement and sand from the silo to the appropriate hoppers. It determines the number of additives that are introduced when preparing the mixture. The system allows to set the time during which the components are mixed.

Special mixer is used for mixing when the work is completed, products discharged into a special receiving hopper, it has level sensors.

An important stage of the production cycle ispacking of finished products. For this purpose, the station may use special valve bags. When they are filled, the product falls onto a conveyor belt and sent to the packing department. Here ends the production of dry building mixes stacking bags on pallets.

To organize the production of semi-automatichelp mini-plants control systems. Thanks to them, the number of workers involved in the manufacture of the product is minimized. This solution speeds up the return on the project and contributes to increasing the quality of manufactured mortars.

Advantages of semi-automatic plants dry mixes

Using the equipment described above has the following advantages:

• high-quality mix - specialequipment provides high speed mixing the composition of components without loss of quality. Work surfaces directed to a simple geometric shape, such a solution increases the durability of the equipment;

• High performance - equipment simultaneously executes the creation of doses of the components, mix them up and packs up the finished product, which allows for maximum performance;

• versatility - the installation allows to produce a mixture of two, three or more components;

• Low production costs - increasedperformance, a minimum participation of workers in the manufacturing process, the required minimum use of equipment contribute to cheapening the cost.

These are just some of the advantages of semi-automatic plants for the production of dry mixes, but they also reported high efficiency of advanced equipment.

Semi plants dry mixes - as they should be?
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