Mounting bracket - some theory

Many of us have read various articles on the Internetfaced with a word such as mounting brackets, and it seems to them like a friend, but to imagine what kind of Circuits difficult. If you are among them, then read this article and continue this phrase will not cause you trouble. Mounting bracket belongs to the genus of hardwareIt looks like a plate, only bent underangle of ninety degrees, and are also such that the angle reaches 135 degrees. Imagine a metal plate, and on it a plurality of holes called perforations. Why use it?

For all that is made of wood, such as beams,overlapping planks. If you are sheathed with either plasterboard, then you certainly are very easy and quick to help mounting bracket. To fix them something, you need a hammer with nails or screws with a screwdriver, everything is extremely simple and convenient. You do not even need to drill any additional holes, because the fact that you already have more than enough to secure the product. And in addition to the bonding in corner have the same carrying capacity, for the simple reason that it does not cut into the surface of the wood.

And now a few tips for using such"Complex" devices. For fixing of heavy carrying or use of vertical connections mounting bracket reinforced modification. All because of a galvanized steel mounting bracket is certainly protect it from corrosion. There are several types of mounting brackets: fasteners with an angle of 135 degrees, the equilateral or asymmetrical angled fasteners and anchor or Z-shaped type, Pick the right corner for his connections, because each of these parts has its own characteristics.

For example if you use a corner of an equilateralyou build a wooden house, because in this case there is always the need to seal the rafters or beams. One of the advantages is that there is no need to spoil the material making it cuts, in order to secure the corners will need at least the most simple tools. For mounting bracket can be used nails and screws, for example if you are using an equilateral area, its angle is 90 degrees, the most frequent use in furniture manufacture.

The popularity of the mounting bracket is causedcheapness of the corner, as well as additional materials nails and screws. In addition to the above, in the mounting bracket are many different versions, and all kinds of easy to install. In our shop are all kinds of mounting brackets, past

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Mounting bracket - some theory
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