Modern total stations and their features

In any survey workengineering and geodetic measurements and surveying of building play an important role. Most often, they begin to not only to the construction work, but also to the purchase of land. The quality of geodetic works directly affects the reliability and quality of the final product - cartographic material or a building. It simply could not but affect the development of geodetic equipment.

The most common devices withcarrying out various works are satellite positioning systems and total stations. In general, the instrument from the very beginning considered as a complement of satellite systems.

Today Total Stations tacheometric used for filming, thatIt allows to obtain the required scale with the image of the relief. This high-tech device perfectly combines the capabilities of EDM, a theodolite and a computer. Optical and electronic theodolites responsible for goniometric measurements. theodolite type allows to classify total stations for electronic and electro-optical.

Today the product is used for the solutioncertain tasks to specific users. Therefore, their design features and technical parameters can vary significantly from one another and defines the area of ​​the use of this device. So, Forestry and Land Reclamation mechanical Total Station functions with a minimum will be sufficient for this purpose because there is no need to increase the optical tube and high precision.

But when it comes toconstruction of road paintings or bridges, it is best to use robotic devices with auto-tracking multiple prisms, you can also consider the need for a remote control. For monitoring of deformations and instant real-time monitoring will be essential Bluetooth and WI-FI.

In modern electronic total stations there is a significant amount of memoryYou can store the measurement results. The resulting data can be transferred to a personal computer and process them in the future, if desired, the information can be downloaded from the computer to the device. This can significantly reduce the execution time of jobs and the risk of error.

As you can see, total stations are indispensable instruments in some situations, allowing you to perform precise measurements and processed results.

Modern total stations and their features
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