Modern plaster stations: According to what principles do they work?

Application in dozens of construction sitesplastering machines paved the way to a whole new, higher level of output finishing work. This term denote technical devices for the automatic cooking mode, and spraying the solution on its surface. As used in the practice of the equipment has small size, portability, high performance. Most of the devices operated at facilities allow to cook a number of solution, which is required to cover 200-400 square meters intended for surface finishing.

Small machines are suitable for cookingsolution not only for alignment of walls (as gypsum and cement and lime-based). Features of equipment allow to obtain material for self-leveling floors, preparation of draft screeds, masonry mortars, flame retardant, decorative, adhesive and waterproofing compounds. Portable plaster station, the description of which can be found on the site, it has become an indispensable assistant specialists, one way or another connected with the construction industry.

Increased demand for niche marketuse technical devices sold by the company Mossom. All the equipment for the automated preparation of solutions, operates in accordance with a single algorithm. The principle of work is as follows:

· The machine is connected to the engineering network (requires a source of water and electricity);

· Setup hopper fed dry mixture;

· Feeding a starting material solution for a connecting chamber carried by the transport shaft - hereinafter automated fluid flows into the vessel;

· It is necessary to adjust the water flow rate (with the help of the flask plaster Station) - for setting up activities are carried out once for the entire batch of dry mixture;

· The station connects mortar sleeve - on it ready material supplied to the gun technical devices;

· The gun (in parallel mortar hose) connects the air hose - air supply to it is provided by the compressor.

In the future, the work stations are managed by the gun.

Modern plaster stations: According to what principles do they work?
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