Modern drills and their types

In the construction of the gun can not do without. It helps in the wall and the drill hole and, in some cases in the presence of a special nozzle and in turn the dry mixture solution. In the minds of many people at the mention of rotary hammers drawn great tools to work with that you need to spend a lot of effort. However, at present the market of construction tools in general and in particular the site offering perforators of various kinds, including the small-sized. Let's get acquainted with them closer.

Drifters Classification

As a rule, when it comes to the kinds of drills,they decided to classify the following parameters: the number of modes of operation, the type of actuator used and weight. Depending on the number of operating modes hammers subdivided into single mode, dual-mode and the first type trehrezhimnye.Ustroystva used solely for drilling. Hammers with two operating modes allow the drill with a bang, and three - to crush material.

Modern drills and their types Modern drills and their types

Drives for hammers are different. The most popular - electric, but you can find the device with the battery, pneumatic and petrol-driven. Each of them has its own advantages. Electrical devices very affordable, plus they consume the cheapest form of energy.

However, if the work must be done in places towhich are held to bring a big problem, come to the rescue drills, running on batteries. Pneumatic tool will minimize the risk of sparks, so it is designed to work in areas with high explosion hazard. Working on petrol model will be an excellent solution for performing field work.

If the weight of the equipment is important.then you need to know that the device conventionally classified as light, medium and heavy. Weight perforating the first type is less than 3 kg, the equipment will help in making the holes.

Modern drills and their types Modern drills and their types

Devices weighing up to 5 kilograms help makehole in a stone or reinforced structure. If the device weighs even more, it can be used to make holes in thick concrete, and work as a jackhammer. Such a tool can withstand a high load.

The variety of types of drills allows each device to pick the kind that is needed to perform a particular job.

Modern drills and their types
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