Scissors on metal hand - that it is important to know about them

The drawer tool carpenter-finisherbe sure to find a place for scissors for metal. Their main purpose - cutting metal profiles or metal. Today there are a huge variety of such instruments. Today Metal scissors manual are made of different materials, and theyIt has long ceased to be monolithic. Their handle is made of metal, which is coated on top of PVC, for manufacturing cutting jaws alloy steel is used. Therefore, the weight of modern scissors quite small, especially when compared to their predecessors. The lever has a structure that allows for maximum convenience scissors. Cutting with scissors such does not require much effort.

Types of hand shears

Metal shears may be conventional orlinkage. Conventional scissors handle and blade edge made of a preform forging method. Their use depends on the cutting force instrument handle length ratio and its cutting edge.

Scissors for metal, hand with linkageI have the handle and cutting head. Each of these parts is articulated, which enables to create further gear lever force. Therefore, when using Scissors on metal hand This type of force applied when cutting metal is greatly reduced.

The difference between manual scissors on a functional purpose

Scissors can be looping or straight cut. This has a long-bladed tool that enable a minimum of effort to cut the metal over the entire length accurately and quickly.

There are also the perfect scissors thatThey are a versatile tool. They can be used for cutting continuous metal passage, and for cutting small and large loops or radii. Work with their participation can be performed both in the middle of the sheet, and with edges that prune edge. Undoubtedly, the perfect scissors can be used for simple boundary clippings.

To make small small radii betterbest suited curly metal slitting shears. Their blades have a delicate form that allows the tool to cut very narrow shapes or curves.

Scissors can be right and left

Some may come to the erroneous conclusion thatLeft-Handed Scissors are designed for left-handers and right-hand sides - for righties. By the way, if we are talking about scissors straight cut, here is the opposite. At long straight cutting it is very important to see the line striper. To do this, right-hander will be much easier to perform the operation left a pair of scissors. Although in general the separation of shear occurs at the location of the bottom of the cutting edge: at the left of scissors it is on the left, while the right - right.

The right scissors sharpened and made in such aa way that with their help perfect cut right radii, the arc from left to right. But radii, right, left is preferably carried out with scissors. In the case where the right-hander will perform right cut with scissors, its movement will be directed outwards from the wrist. And in case of using scissors left - from the inside of the wrist.

Pay attention to the quality of scissors

The reliability and service life of the cutting edgesThey are directly dependent on the quality of the steel and its treatment, which has been used for the manufacture of tools. High-performance hand-held metal scissors with cutting edges HSS steel with increased strength to meet all standards and requirements.

The hand-held shears with ERDI linkage formanufacture of cutting heads used forging die made of high quality steel. To secure the blade using the inductive method, whereby products are characterized by high durability, and cuts the edges have burrs. Their ergonomic handle is protected from slipping and has a plastic coating. A nickel-plated steel handles have a rigid structure.

Consider the features Hand shears for metal, You'll know what to look for when choosing them. So feel free to go to the hardware store in search of the desired hand tools.

Scissors on metal hand - that it is important to know about them
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