Makita Power Tools and Its Benefits

Today, Makita power tool usesextremely popular among both novice and professionals. He will be able to cope with the work to which the instrument of other manufacturers simply powerless. Not surprisingly, many people today are interested Makita tool in Moscow, because its power is simply enormous, especially if we talk about using MXT technology. They are the fastest against the other power tools that offers the modern market. The tool is characterized by excellent performance properties.

Let us consider the features of the instrument withMXT technology on the example of screwdrivers. Makita. If the tool is used for the battery 12B, because it can then perform at 1600 rev / min, and more 14.4V when the rotation speed is increased to 1800 rev / min. What do all these numbers mean? They report that allows the screwdriver to make a 16 mm hole in masonry or wood.

The main advantages of Makita tools

A further advantage of the power MATtorque is increased. The 12-volt models, the torque can be up to 62 Nm, and if the battery 18B used (!) - All of 80 Nm! These characteristics suggest a high performance. To achieve such performance is made possible through the use of high-power rare earth magnet which replaced the induction coil. In addition, the instrument uses a high-strength metal gearbox.

A wide range of instruments fromJapanese manufacturer. Thanks to them the work will be performed at the highest level. The user can independently select the appropriate mode depending on what kind of material he uses in the work. In screwdrivers with MXT technology has an integrated mobile speed selector three positions, through which you can configure the optimal mode of operation. A 16 installations allow you to pick the most appropriate torque. One hand movement is enough to switch between them.

Another advantage of screwdrivers MAT - availabilitypowerful impact mechanism by which the functionality is increased significantly. They can be used very intensively, because the power of the Japanese manufacturer is known for its durability and reliability. For example, the screwdriver has a housing with a high strength toothed gears, which for the production of metal used. For manufacturing brushes using graphite and bronze, they last longer 2.7 times compared with conventional products.

So we looked at a few keyadvantages of Makita power tools. However, they make it clear that the company's products can be trusted, especially if you do not want the tool failed at the crucial moment.

Makita Power Tools and Its Benefits
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