Machine spackling

It is well known that the plastering machinegreatly simplifies the process of plaster walls. Eli apply this tool to improve the quality of the treated surface, the time during which the device will cope with the task of significantly lower than that for which the work will be been checked manually.

All plastering machines, among others famous forstrength and long-term proper operation. The design of the unit is 1 kW engine, a roomy tank mixture and dispenser. The substance under the pressure of the air discharged through the hose to the wall.

Advantages of this technique:

• Liquid plaster that spills supercharger has a uniform consistency in the tank is automatically kneading.

• The strength of the applied plaster this equipment has a high level. Unlike handmade layer has no porosity and therefore more strong.

• If the mortar is applied by means of this machine, it is at times a bistro and safer to get to grips with the surface.

• Easy to use. This device is not only easy to use, but also perfectly repaired, unless the parts are not made of plastic as a replacement purchase is not profitable and wasteful, as it once again erased and will come in unsuitability.


Since plaster machine has a heavy weightit is difficult to move from place to place, as if the robot equipment emits loud noise characteristic. Working with the device should be very fast, because within hours the mixture hardens, and will not give in to cleaning.

Also, many models have plasticstructural elements. When it comes to housing, the problems will not be, but even the most durable plastic capable of abrasions, so if some of the internal parts are made of it, be ready, that such a device does not live long.

The best option

Well-known producer Patriot Garden letsamazing and unusual in its parameters the device that for an extremely short time can handle just great for squaring the surface. All plastering machines Patriot Garden on average for 7-8 hours can plaster over 600 square meters. And the quality of the plaster is quite good and has no flaws.

To cope with the management of these devices are able toOnly two operators, for that they do not require specific skills and knowledge. Using a special lift hose able to reach the very high ceilings (4 meters). This technique can also be applied to monitor and thickness of the plaster layer. This technique is versatile and able to interact with any plastering.

Before choosing the right car forplaster walls, should be consulted. Some models feature the ability to provide quality work only if the viscosity of the filler does not exceed a certain rate. Work-drying materials with such a device is not capable of that should be considered in the purchase process.

Machine spackling
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