Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features

Caterpillar loader ishigh-tech machinery, which is able to perform a lot of tasks in manufacturing, construction, warehouses, etc. Large range of products allows you to choose this type of technology for any work. This design versatility, functionality and ease of management inherent Caterpillar loader enables complete the task most efficiently and quickly, which increases the efficiency of work in any industry.

Types of forklifts

Lineup Cat has several trucks:

• Crawler;

• Telescopic;

• Front big wheel;

• small front wheel;

• front wheel average;

• mini-skid steer loaders on caterpillar tracks;

• mini-skid steer loaders to wheel basis.

Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features

Application area

The scope of use is largely determinedexecution of Cat loader. For example, wheel loaders are operated mainly in the room - at enterprises, factories, warehouses. If you have a fork, they are indispensable for loading and unloading operations. At the same time they can be used to load, unload as building materials and agricultural products or volume of heavy loads of character ..

If you expect this type of exploitationspecial equipment in several fields of activity, it is best to buy a wheel loader Saterpillar. As a rule, attached to it an additional replaceable equipment (fork, bucket, boom, hooks, clamps). This scope of this ad is not limited.

Besides Caterpillar wheel loaderavailable in several versions with different wheelbases (small, medium, large) and various attachments. Of the lineup you can choose special equipment, which is optimally suitable for the logging industry, materials handling in the warehouse space is limited or the performance of various tasks in the construction industry.

Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features

Track Loaders are designed for greateroperating in open areas. They are stable and well travel on a dirt road. When this increased permeability is different depending on the soil type, therefore it is widely used in mining and construction work.


As the crawler and wheel loadersCaterpillar have a number of advantages and superior to many analogues. They are quite hardy, agile, functional and practical. In addition, it should be noted efficiency of the machinery. This reduces the production costs. Also, their efficiency is manifested in durability, that is, repair is seldom necessary, which is also a positive effect on the financial part of the company.

Caterpillar Loaders: scope, benefits, features
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