Laser Level with their hands

Through laser level can be quickly and accuratelyprojected onto the surface of the right angle, vertical or horizontal. These devices are very comfortable when performing repair work. With their help facilitated laying tiles, floor filling, manufacture of false ceilings, etc. However, laser levels are very expensive. In the construction portal you will find many areas of application. And now look at how to make a laser level with his own hands.

From the materials you will need a laser pointer, cellular rubber, flat strip, building level, a piece of plywood and block size of 50? 50 mm.

Getting Started

Cover the cardboard packing center and do it in a small hole. Then put it on the pointer, turn and point on a flat surface. You should see a bright spot.

Now you will need to count a little more than the lengthmeter. For this obteshite bar ax. At its second edge at right angles to secure a smooth piece of plywood the size of 100? 100 mm. By him in the middle anchoring bar, which corresponds to the length of our level. It must be able to spin in a circle.

Fix the level on the bar, and to his laserpointer. For its attachment, you can use a collar, tucked in between a thick foam rubber. Thanks to her, you can through the clamp screw to adjust the inclination of the longitudinal axis.

How to use a homemade laser level

The resulting device is easy to operate. If you use it on a horizontal surface, the resulting beam will accurately beat the horizon. Number can be put on the site, and use of living for its alignment. Your goal - to help the bar to take a horizontal position. The laser pointer should turn in the right direction.

It is necessary to turn the device on, and you will see on the wallpoint. Make this place a corresponding mark, then turn the bar in the desired direction. It is important that the count is still positioned vertically. Now you can put an end to another position. By combining them, you get a horizontal line.

For convenience, replace the number tripod. To connect the lines, you can use a metal profile by means of which the frame is made for attaching drywall.

As can be seen, the laser level to make their own hands at all easy. With a little effort, you will get a reliable tool that is easy and convenient to operate.

Laser Level with their hands
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