Types of hydraulic tables and their characteristics

Hydraulic lifting tables are installed onmanufacturing plants, warehouses, underground car parks, service stations and other facilities that may need to be picked up and held in the cargo height. Modern hydraulic table can have a different load capacity, platform lifting height, type of management and mobility. Equipment capable to operate successfully in almost all conditions.

Varieties hydraulic tables

Mobile. These structures can not only lift the loadto a height of 300 centimeters, and move it. They are usually lifting capacity of one and a half tons. Electric drive or foot pedal used to operate scissor mechanism.

Stationary. The advantage of this type of product is the highload capacity and lifting height countertops. Mounted structure in a prepared niche. This allows for them to be folded flush with the floor and do not interfere with movement.

Odnonozhnichnye. Constructions of this type are very popular. With their help it is possible to raise various loads weighing up to 2 tons to a height of 4 meters. Products are issued by mobile and stationary.

Dvuhnozhnichnye. In comparison with the previous views are morepowerful. Products of this kind are used in cases where you want to lift increased weight loads. Lifting height they also more than the odnonozhnichnyh analogues.

Trёhnozhnichnye. Constructions of this type are the most powerful. Some models allow you to lift loads up to 10 tons, lifting height is also increased.

Made to order. Sometimes it is necessary to useCustom design. They can be used to lift heavy loads to a height of ten meters. In this case the equipment is carried out by the order taking into account the needs of the buyer. Of course, the value of these tables is quite high, but they can deal with a difficult task.

As can be seen, hydraulic tables shown inthe widest variety of species. Each of them has its own characteristics. Experts recommend that when choosing a product to take into account the design resistance to damaging external influences, possible load and the availability of spare parts from the manufacturer. The right choice of equipment will ensure the successful fulfillment of all necessary functions.

Types of hydraulic tables and their characteristics
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