How to choose a welding wire

Some production processes meanuse of different welding materials and refractory metals. To use this welding equipment, various industrial gases, and supplies, including a welding wire.

As the welding wire is used there,wherein the compound of parts should be performed at the highest level, to her choice should be approached with due care. If the welding wire to pick correctly, you can get a smooth, durable, resistant to breakage and corrosion, as well as plastic weld. So, how to choose a welding wire?

Remember classification

Selecting this important welding materialremember that there are different types of welding wire, which is characterized by distinctive features: the structure of the rod, the chemical composition and the presence of the alloying component. Consistent with these features there are three groups of welding wire: low carbon content; with minor amounts of alloying elements and wires with high content of alloying elements. Each of these broad groups is composed of subgroups, depending on the structure of the wire.

Various welding processes involvethe use of copper-coated, steel-cored wire and surfacing. To select a suitable type of welding wire should be familiar with the marking line, which shows the parameters that influence the welding process.

In cases where welding is to be usedSubmerged important details, which in the future will be under high loads, it is better to give preference surfacing cored wire. It enables any production processes associated with a compound of metal parts, made of carbon steel. Treated with this wire products can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

In cases when the wire isused for low alloy steel welding, preferably then acquire a steel wire, which omednena surface. Thanks to its use of the weld surface will receive additional protection, besides it will prevent corrosive and abrasive processes. Moreover, this material will increase the stability of the arc and reduce spatter during welding. Copper plating steel welding wire is better to use for welding metals with low carbon and alloy steel.

When you have selected your type of welding wire, pay attention to the diameter of the material. That depends on him the thickness of welded steel or metal sheets.

We have considered, how to choose a welding wire. These guidelines and tips to help you pick up that material that is optimal for your purposes.

How to choose a welding wire
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