How to choose a welding inverter

Using a welding inverter is connected witha variety of difficulties and dangers. Therefore it is important in a responsible and serious approach to the selection of equipment. The equipment presented various types and models, so you need a responsible approach to its purchase.

Types of modern welding equipment

Welding inverters for giving should be easyand small, that will enable them to help solve a variety of domestic issues. A great solution is to Equipment labeled MMA, for which use conventional electrodes.

But in an industrial plant is better to prefer semi-automatic welding. Of course, the device will have a greater weight, however, and their power will not be in doubt.

How to choose a welding inverter How to choose a welding inverter

welding technology using them has its own characteristics - the arc you can supply a special wire, which plays the role of catalyst and forms an arc weld.

Argon welding differs in that its arcIt is formed in an inert gas. Chemical element is passive, it does not react with the metal. Welders can be designed for use by non-consumable electrode and melting. For the manufacture of the first type is usually used tungsten. However, the high cost and complexity of operation make them unsuitable for household use.

The main parameters that should pay attention

When selecting the inverter for welding is important to consider the type ofcurrent. The most common models that work with direct current. If you talk about stress, it may be at a level of 220 or 380 volts. This indicator should be chosen depending on the capacity. For equipment with capacity above 4 kW must be used minitransformator.

How to choose a welding inverter How to choose a welding inverter

Also of considerable importance is the starting forcecurrent. It can be in the range 4-32 Ampere. For consumer demand index at 16 amps it will be enough. This component affects the thickness of the electrodes used. In household products are used in a thickness of 20 mm.

This is not the only important characteristics. We must take note of the power of the device, its size, weight, open circuit voltage, and other parameters. Of course, buying in this case take a lot more time and effort, however, so you can get exactly the equipment that best suits your needs.

How to choose a welding inverter
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