How to choose the right welding inverter

Modern welding equipment wasso simple to use that it can be used virtually everyone and is powered by a network of 220 volts. The device allows you to choose the type of inverter current rate and to achieve strong bonding materials. Of course, it helped to implement the tasks, you must correctly select the product. Practical recommendations on the selection are on the site, which deals with various kinds of welding equipment. We will talk in detail about the inverters.

What to consider when buying an investor

The modern market offers equipmentthe widest range of devices. Traditionally, most budget systems are manufactured in China, but European products are not cheap. In addition, it is often used parts of China. Therefore, when buying an inverter is not enough to pay attention to the price. The principle of "the more expensive the better" does not apply here.

How to choose the right welding inverter How to choose the right welding inverter

From the outset, you need to know about powerwelding equipment. Power switches are used to transmit high frequency pulses to the device. Due to their increased current when voltage drops in the network. This operating principle allows to achieve stability in the functioning of the device. However, the significant increase in voltage power switches can simply burn out. This is why many manufacturers use in inverters protective systems. It is important to ensure that they are available when you select the equipment.

In frankly cheap inverters protection is implemented poorly. Therefore, if your area of ​​power quality is poor, it is better not to buy much equipment budget options.

An important parameter - the maximumduration of continuous operation of the inverter. It tells of a time during which the device is able to perform the work of connecting to the network. Sometimes it is given as a percentage.

How to choose the right welding inverter How to choose the right welding inverter

For example, if the parameter is 40%, which means that a total of 20 minutes the device can operate only 8 minutes. During the remaining 12 minutes, it should cool down.

It should be understood that during this timeuse the equipment will not work - the protective system will block its activity. Therefore, when buying the investor from the beginning it is necessary to determine the amount of work which he is called upon to perform.

Paying due attention to the choice of welding equipment, you can choose the best option to achieve the set goals.

How to choose the right welding inverter
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