How to choose a welding generator

If you are planning to buy a welding generator,most likely there is a problem before you select it. Because today released a variety of products with distinctive features to do so is not easy. Let's consider, how to choose a welding generator.

Petrol and diesel generators

Welding generator is a speciala device that combines with the welder generator. Today, in the construction market, you can find petrol and diesel welding generators. They differ among themselves only kind of fuel consumed. When choosing a gasoline welding generator unit can be obtained at a small price. It is compact, but has a relatively small working resource. At the same time, the welding generator that runs on diesel, which can withstand heavy loads.

It should be noted that the cost of weldinggenerators is high enough. In some cases, for the sake of saving money on the purchase decision of a separate generator and welder. On the other hand, the welding power is a device that is fully suitable for performing welding. When you purchase a separate generator and welding machine is likely not to guess their power. While here, everyone decides for himself.

Remember that electric welding will be highload to the generator, so not everyone will be able to withstand the power operation of the welding apparatus. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences you must take seriously its choice.

Selection of current: DC or AC?

All generators can be classified into those thatworking with DC and AC. Devices with a DC voltage is stable, thanks to which is possible to obtain a high quality weld. These generators are suitable for the construction of high-quality welding with different types of electrodes.

Construction alternators easierthey therefore have a lower cost than the device with DC. But they can not produce the quality of a weld, as when using a constant current generator.

Operating cycle of the generator

The operating cycle of the generator when the load ispercentage of time the arc combustion and overall time of operation. Each unit corresponds to a welding operation current required value that the unit will be able to produce for a long time without overheating.

Consider an example. Generators Europower EP200X give an electric current of 200 A with a duty cycle of 35%, and with a duty cycle of 60% operating current is 150A. Theoretically, the duration of the welding cycle can be 10 minutes, after which it can be repeated up to a considerable amount of time until the thermal generator mode will not go beyond the allowable temperature limit. In this example, 150A and the current duty cycle of 60% means that with this generator can perform welding current 150A to not more than 6 minutes. After this, a minimum of 4 minutes should the generator to cool down. Now you can re-generate the 10-minute cycle, wherein six minutes the device will operate, and 4 minutes to cool.

If you want to to choose the right welding generatorYou is important to take into account a lot of nuances. On the other hand, you get the unit, which will more than others to meet your needs and requirements.

How to choose a welding generator
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