How to choose a welding machine for home

All welding apparatuses may be classified into two groups: the electric and gas. Since we're talking about choosing a welding machine for home. we will not consider gas appliances that home is not possible to store, and its safe use is significantly lower than that of electric counterparts.

Types of welding machines

Among arc welding equipmentThere are two types of equipment for semi-automatic welding in which the wire, welding machines, and AC and DC, are working with the electrodes, here also include inverters. There are also semi-combined by means of which can work as a wire and electrodes.

Each of the above types of machinesIt allows you to weld high strength, especially if they use an experienced welder. If you have not so much experience in welding craft, then it would be wise to give preference to semi-automatic machines. When working with a properly configured tool arc ignited in the automatic mode, there are practically no spatter. Equipment design directly affects the quality settings.

Today we can see the broad marketrange of welding equipment. If you want to choose a welding machine for home, it is important to determine what type it is necessary: ​​household or amateur. Their main differences are maximum power, reliability and price. When selecting equipment for home use it is important to pay attention to some characteristics. Let us examine them in detail.

Getting to the choice

It is best to cooling transformersemiautomatic do without the use of a fan, ie natural method. If you want to weld quality was the best, try to buy a machine with a large capacity battery and a powerful choke.

If the equipment is fitted with an electronic brake, which stops the wire when disconnecting the welder, then you will not have to constantly bite off excess wire.

Pay particular attention to the quality of the supply unitwire: the smoother the wire is fed, the lower spray will be produced during operation. The best way to broach the block was of German manufacture.

Now about the spark arrester. He should completely eliminate the occurrence of sparks when the semi-automatic is switched off. Its purpose - to remove residual charge from the container.

If you plan to use a semi-automaticcored wire, then in addition to it you do not need anything more. Otherwise you'll have to purchase the gear unit and the tank with carbon dioxide. For welding carbon dioxide should be fed a minimum one-two to the pressure sensor.

Advantages of inverter welding machines

Inverter welding machines possess a number of advantages. First of all inverters are characterized by ideal parameters for welding current output, besides it can be configured in a wide range.

The efficiency of the inverterthe system is greater than 90%, since virtually no internal inductive losses. This allows to halve the cost of electricity in comparison with those on the arc power transformer devices. When choosing a welding machine for home power consumption often acts as a priority measure.

Other important characteristics when choosingWelding home are its weight and dimensions. Most often, the inverter weighs no more than ten kilograms, so it is easy to transport and transfer, in addition to its storage does not require much space.

The main and the main disadvantage of invertersIt is the high price compared to conventional welding machines. In addition, they are more demanding on the quality of the electrical network - if the voltage is too small, high-frequency transmitter equipment just will not start. This in turn somewhat limits their use: not every area has a stable voltage power grid, especially unusual countryside. If you decide choose a welding machine for the house, it would be wise to pay attention to its adaptation to the Ukrainian conditions.

As a rule, for the house is sufficient to use an inverter to 160A, as devices with a current of 200A are already professional and they are much more expensive.

How to choose a welding machine for home
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