How to choose a vice

Vices are hand tools,by which greatly facilitates the work, as well as the necessary conditions are provided. Through clutches performed fixing items that need to be processed in the desired position. Field of the vise is wide enough: they are used in wood processing, in electrical work, etc. Let's see, how to choose a vice.

Varieties machines

To fix the items used in a visea special rotating screw which handle rotation is driven by a pneumatic or impact. Today, the most common are simple locksmith or mechanical Machine Vise. Depending on the design bench screw there rotating and unturning.

On sale there are modernized locksmithvise, with which to clamp the workpiece upright lengths. This hand tool has increased the anvil, the base of the tool can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Sometimes you can find special vises prism housing that allows firmly fix the round billet. They are most often used with the slider.

To work with high hardness materialsare used Machine Vise. They are not so much the height of the jaws for clamping, besides their design is more rigid than in the plumbing analogues. Machine tools allow you to perform operations such as drilling, milling, planing, and many others. With their help it is possible to fix the workpiece firmly at the required angle, and in the process to rotate around a vertical axis.

Often working with a vice usedswivel base that is used to secure the instrument. But it can affect the stiffness of the whole structure to the downside, so if a decision is made about the use of the turn base, it is only as an exception.

What is important to consider when choosing a vise

When machining complex enough canrequire special configuration of machine vise - sine vise. These vises are two-position or three-coordinate. With their help it is possible to reliably fix the items with an emphasis in three mutually perpendicular planes, or two. In today's market you can find duplicate Machine Vise used simultaneously for the treatment of multiple workpieces. But these types of clamping devices are used not so often. Dimensions carpentry and plumbing tools may vary.

If you want to choose a vice the right way, it is important to understand that whenchoice of machine tool and metalworking species important to consider the types of materials to be processed by them, as well as the tools that will be used for this purpose. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the study of the strength of the elements to be fixed in a clamping device, and the quality of the materials that were used for the production of clutches.

How to choose a vice
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