How to choose a trimmer

The foreign word "trimmer", transformed into Russianlanguage, literally means "scorer". Today called trimmers brushcutters, who cut the grass using a special metal or rotating circular knives, as well as fishing line. With the increase in power is possible to scythe to mow more dense and thick grass. Let's talk, how to choose the right trimmer.

Trimmers are electric and gasoline. The electric motor may have a bottom or top position. If the motor is located at the bottom, then the tool will be easier, but its capacity will be less. Such trimmers allow for 15 minutes to mow soft lawn grass, and then will need to take a break. Manufacturers do not recommend working with wet grass, while they treated area is limited to two hundred square meters.

Trimmers with the top arrangement of the engine canhave a capacity of up to 1000 watts, so that they can solve serious problems with excessive vegetation. When buying them should not rush to the cheapest product, because quite often the low cost you have to pay a bad safety, quality and short service life. Specialty stores have a staff of consultants who will talk in detail about the benefits of each model: low weight, low noise, the ability to use plastic knives instead of line - it's not all advantages of various Electrokos.

Features petrol trimmers

The main advantages of gasoline trimmersThey are high performance, capacity, and battery life. When using mowers is not necessary to pull an electrical wiring and worry about the voltage drop. In addition, an extension cord can mash landing, and sometimes it just cut the tool. By linking the petrol trimmer is a lot like a powerful electric trimmer. However, they may be different types of engines (two- and four-stroke), forms of control knobs, bars and the cutting tool. The tool with four-stroke engine is characterized in that the oil and gas are filled in separately motor as the vehicle. No need to pre-prepare the two-stroke fuel mixture of oil and gasoline.

If you plan to use a large area mowers, then the best option is to use the "T" -shaped handle, and direct the rod, so that you can perform a wide swing.

If you are worried that not cope with the launch ofpetrol engine with manual starter, then for you to fit the tool to the AST system or with automatic starter, who can run and the woman, and child.

The ability to use additional accessories and attachments

On petrol and electric trimmers with MTDsplit bar, you can install additional heads. Just a few movements, and you do not spit, and brush cutter, cultivator for weeding or Lopper, some types of tools allow you to perform the function of snowthrower. Such multifunctional harvesters based on brushcutters with a split bar to help you cope with many winter and summer jobs.

After considering this article, you learned how to choose the right trimmer. Now you can go to a specialty store in search of the necessary equipment.

How to choose a trimmer
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