How to choose Tile

Today, ceramic tile has been widelydistribution as a finishing material, because it differs usability, durability and aesthetic appearance. A laying of this material requires certain skills, knowledge and the availability of special tools. When laying ceramic tiles Tile is a must, which is one of the simplest devices. He is a bit like a glass cutter, but has a large size. How to choose Tile properly? Let us try to understand in this together.

Remember that the choice of this instrument in many waysIt depends on the characteristics of the tiles, so make sure you buy the ceramic tile, and only then choose for her device for cutting. In addition, it is important to identify and assess the scope of future work, because if it is small, then there is nothing to buy expensive equipment and cheapest Tile will be enough. Although this tool is manual and electric, today we will talk about the manual version.

Features hand-Tile

Hand tools for cutting ceramic tilescharacterized by simplicity and ease of use. He has a tough and robust design, so lets cut the tiles evenly, avoiding all sorts of deviations. Its scope - ceramic tiles with a thickness of up to 1.5 centimeters. For cutting 8 mm wall tiles using a special tile cutter, the length of which does not exceed 40 centimeters.

Cutter wheel acts as the main part. carbide steel is used for its manufacture. When he ceases to do well the tasks assigned to it, cut quality deteriorates, it is not subject to skiving, but only replacement! Most tools have a swivel range, which allows to cut the tiles at an angle.

Modern Tile has extrasettings that relate to the thickness of the material. Thanks to them, you can limit the stroke of shear tabs, which prevents even with diagonal cutting edges crumbling tiles.

The design of modern tile cutters enoughsimple. They consist of a cutting element of titanium, which has high durability and protractor which serves to even, fine and precise cutting. To make it convenient to shear off the tiles, the tool is equipped with a floating base. Also in the package includes a guide, the purpose of which is to prevent formation in the cutting part of the backlash.

How do I tile cutting

Initially tile subject markup, then itset on the basis and tightly pressed against the abutment line. Cutting is performed in the direction of the line, in the direction away from you. To break the tile, you need to create leverage and put pressure on the area.

Because of the warm-up ceramic tile may crackcutting, but in this manual operation poses no danger. To increase the service life of the diamond blade, and all the tools you need to use a lubricant.

Now you know, how to choose the Tile. Armed with knowledge, you can go to the hardware store for an effective instrument.

How to choose Tile
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