How to choose a self-tapping screws: screws and other types of roofing

In carrying out any construction work importantthe role played by fixing materials. But all sorts of screws, bolts, nails and screws are experiencing heavy loads than even the materials, so their quality should not cause any doubts. Each type of work must comply with their designated fasteners. Let's consider, how to choose the screws.

Screws are also called self-tapping screws forthe use of which is not required to perform pre-drilling holes. Especially wide popularity gained universal screws, which can be used for work on plastic, wood and chipboard. Depending on the material used self-tapping screws may be of different design. Thus, a metal thread screws more frequent and roofing screws have a threaded sparse, whereby the chips out of the hole can be removed.

roofing Screws

Roofing Screws are used duringconstruction or repair work. Their attachment to the metal or wooden surfaces can be used for roofing material up to 1 mm thickness without pre-drilling. Each building material has its own type of roofing screws: galvanized screws with polymer coating and without it, the screws with a different type of head, thread and tip. In some cases, the screw tip has the shape of a drill. Self-drill is used to connect the metal and wooden panels.

Sharpening a drill along with galvanizedallow to eliminate the destruction of the metal when you drill that helps ensure increased protection against corrosion of attached materials. Part of the legs and screw cap roof is covered with a special polymer coating, so under his hat rule out the possibility of corrosion.

To carry out some installation work werespecially designed screws, which are included in the box and drive the puck to her rubber gasket. Such fastening roofing with higher quality sealing gaskets adjacent to the surface, even in cases when they are screwed in at an angle, moreover, they can compensate for material deformation that are caused by changes in temperature. Even with a strong tightening of the screw, overheating and cooling of the seal it will not become brittle, will not crack and does not lose its elasticity. Roofing Screws for metal and wood with a rubber gasket and a galvanized coating will protect the fastening holes from appearing on their corrosion.

Roofing self-tapping screws for metal and wood

If you are interested in the question, how to choose the screwFirst of all, decide the material inhe will be screwed. For the production of self-tapping screws for metal used high-carbon steel with oxidized finish. Terminals of these fasteners may be different and have the form of a drill or sharpening. Often builders prefer to use screws with a drill. These hardware are implemented not only when repair and construction, but also in other types of work.

For the production of self-tapping screws for wood used high-carbon steel with phosphated finish. Universal screws also used to compound the wooden panels.

Roofing self-tapping screws for metal and plasterboard

To consolidate and corrugated metalused for their intended screws. Screws for metal equipped with special washers with a thick rubber gasket. Through catalogs roofing materials given the opportunity to select its color, so that the roof will look particularly aesthetically pleasing.

To fix the drywall sheets usedwith drill screws since this tip is particularly convenient to use. Pitch can be frequent, and perhaps rarely a determining factor when choosing the screw is a surface to which is secured drywall.

To consolidate the metal surfaceplywood sheets using self-tapping screws with a press washer. These hardware have a pointed tip, which is suitable for use with plywood and orgalitnovymi materials. Screws with a drill is used to work on the steel sheet.

Fastening of sandwich panels using roofing screws

For fastening sandwich panels using screwswith a specific structure that allows the drill to the metal surface 14 mm without difficulty. These screws are not only the basic, but also an additional thread, which allows to increase the strength of attachment.

An important step is how to choose the screwIt is keeping the material in which it isscrewed. In addition, it is important from the outset to determine the load that will be exposed to your hardware. If you remember this, you will be able to create a solid and reliable design.

How to choose a self-tapping screws: screws and other types of roofing
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