How to choose staples

Earlier work was carried out with upholsteryusing a small nail and hammer, but today the situation has changed. For clarity, you can explore your upholstered furniture, or rather, its upholstery. Most likely, you will see no nail heads and metal braces. Due to the high performance and safe operation, staplers are gaining more and more popularity.

If you've ever worked a stapler, youIt not by hearsay knows that it is very easy to use. This is due to the fact that only one hand is busy, and because only one movement is needed to secure the bracket.

In general, if we talk about nailing the woodother materials, then find a worthy opponent stapler quite difficult. With it, quite often different fixed to the surfaces of paintings and frames, fixed power cables, performed upholstery, etc.

Varieties staplers

Staplers are pneumatic, mechanical andelectric. Electrical and pneumatic tools allow for large volumes of work, they are professional and industrial equipment. We will not consider their characteristics and talk about the most frequently used in the construction and repair of mechanical kinds of furniture. Supplies in the stapler nails are flat or bracket. Score fasteners simply: it is necessary to attach to the surface of the tool and to press the trigger.

Cable models allow you to recordLow-voltage cables with a diameter of 4.5-7.5 mm. These design parameters affect the stapler. This tool is very useful when installing various communications equipment, laying of local networks, etc.

In the market of building materials can be foundStapler staples and hammer tools. Their work consists in the fact that during the attack on the inertia of the material allows the bracket to drive next to it. In terms of accuracy, they are inferior cable plugging and conventional staplers, but in rate of fire it has no equal. They are used in those works, which put the speed and accuracy of the special does not matter at the forefront. As an example, consider the fastening of roofing material on the roof or under the floor insulation. When buying them it is important to know how to choose staples.

Mechanical staplers are divided intoprofessional and consumer. The main differences between them are a resource of work and ergonomics, they do not use plastic parts, and the design is made in such a way that it can be repaired. However, the cost of professional tools above domestic counterparts.

Supplies Stapler

Choosing staples, you should know aboutSome of their characteristics. The most popular fasteners won with 0.75 mm thick and 11.4 mm wide, which are of type A or 53. While today there are a wide range of choice for the length of 4-40 mm, thickness 0,7-1,65 mm.

The main selection criterion is solvedchallenges and opportunities of a stapler. If the material being attached to a big load, then it is better to give preference to the long brackets, and for securing durable material (plastic film), it is better to give preference consumables thicker. Choosing staplesWhich will be fixed wiring, it is necessary to know in advance of their maximum diameter.

If you use a corporate tool, notnecessary to save on consumables. Proprietary brackets are made of galvanized or stainless steel, so they do not corrode. They ensure proper quality of work and will evaluate the stapler, as made, taking into account all exposures and tolerances properly glued, properly sharpened, etc.

Paying due attention to the choice of consumables, you can buy staples that are convenient to use and reliable in operation. And what else is needed for a quality repair or construction?

How to choose staples
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