How to choose the right secateurs

Pruner is a special tool,by which gardeners direct the growth of trees and shrubs. If time does not perform the trimming of the crown, then it can grow excessively. As a result, the harvest will cause additional difficulties to the same reduced amount of the harvest. The consequence threads inside crown devoid of young shoots, they do not exhibit the color, and thus will not fetuses. If threads up at an acute angle, they may break under the weight of ripe fruit. Pruner can effectively solve these and similar problems. Let's find out how to choose pruners.

Getting to the selection tool

The most important requirement when choosing a prunerIt is the material from which they are made - this should be a high quality steel. Well, if the pruner easy to disassemble, it will ensure its ease of sharpening. In addition, the instrument should have a good "sit" in the hand, so you are secure from the appearance of corns, even with heavy use. Well, if pruners provides loop-strap that allows you to mount it on your wrist. As a result, you will avoid many of the problems associated with permutation-ladders. Carry out work with this tool should be in the open air, so it must be resistant to moisture.

Speaking of producers, for the production ofquality tools is better to buy the products of the Finnish, Swedish or German origin. Undoubtedly, in this case, you will have to pay more than the purchase of Chinese goods.

In cases where the amount of the proposed operation,is small, it is possible to assess the possibility of buying an inexpensive model, you may decide to use the product of domestic production. Cheap tools are simple in construction, for their blades fit most common sharpening.

Using the handle increases operator comfort. They can be made of very different materials such as steel, reinforced plastic, aluminum alloys, polypropylene or wood. Giving preference to a particular material, it is important to take into account the period during which you plan to use the pen. If you want them to be long, then it is better to prefer the soft grungy material, thanks to which it will not slip in your hand. If you plan to work no more than a couple of hours, then fit the most simple pen. Well, if there are recesses for the fingers that will provide additional protection and increase productivity. Furthermore such a device will facilitate a good grip. Secateurs titanium usually have just such a grip. This information will help choose the right secateurs.

How to achieve a competent sharpening blades

To sharpen secateurs, it should be dismantled. The angled blade section used for cutting. It is also sometimes called a facet. As it reaches the width of the pair of millimeters, it is located at right angles to the cutting line. This hand tool is not the most easy to use, its disadvantages can be added the possibility of damage to the threads. To improve the quality garden cuttings, to sharpen the knife until the chamfer width is not at least 5 millimeters.

To achieve this goal on an electric sharpenerpre-remove layer of steel. As a result, you should get a flat facet that can closely approach the opposite edge, but do not touch it. For finishing blades You can use any bar. Get to the inner parts of the cutting edges are not sticking. They need a little trim at the end of sharpening. If done correctly, you will be able to work even cut paper by secateurs.

Secateurs overseas production is not soeasy to sharpen. This is due to the fact that during their production using higher quality steel. However, such products have a longer without sharpening operation. At the same time, they need more care and respect loads stipulated by the manufacturer. Using hand pruners, you can crop branches that do not exceed a diameter of 25 millimeters. If much exceed the permissible load on the tool, it can be damaged. In addition, avoid using secateurs for other purposes: do not use it for cutting metal and other hard materials.

After sharpening, remove the toolall the garbage, and then wipe it with sap, wipe it dry and brush with oil. you need to use a dry place, it is desirable to have a special case for this for storage secateurs.

How to choose the right secateurs
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