How to choose a screwdriver

Screwdrivers mainly used forloosening or tightening the screws, but sometimes use them to remove a variety of coating (for this purpose use impact screwdriver). The correct way chosen tool will not only facilitate the performance of work, but keep the cap screws. Let's look at the recommendations that how to choose a screwdriver.

Probably every man ever soenjoyed a standard screwdriver to tighten the screws. Sometimes this process was successful, and sometimes may occur and additional difficulties. Of course, to spin a conventional readily available does not need to screw anything special, just the tip of a screwdriver to fit him. However, the use of a tool with a long handle and a beveled can keep your energy up and simplify the process of performing the work. Some tools are equipped with a ratchet, that allows the hand to relax between another twist.

Today, the market can find a toola variety of screwdrivers. Angular screwdriver equipped with bars, allow to perform the work, even in areas with limited access. In such a screwdriver between the handle and the working body are such rods, which significantly easier to work with a screwdriver. They are equipped with the clamps and retainers: the clamps are secured to the working body that helps to keep small screws when screwing, and facilitates your work.

Often, you can see the screwdriver, equipped with interchangeable nozzles. They can be held by a magnet and easy to change.

The most common types of screwdrivers

To determine, how to choose a screwdriverYou need to consider their varieties. In addition, there are varieties of common screwdrivers, handle which is made in the shape of a pistol. They are equipped with a ratchet and an abundance of different attachments. On sale you can find a three-way ratchet screwdriver, which are fixed in the sleeve. Their convenience is that the actuator can be fixed at an angle in the range of 45-90 degrees. These screwdrivers have included additional nozzles.

can be purchased on the market with a screwdrivermulti-purpose with a handle that can be folded. Such a screwdriver equipped with an extension cord and a variety of attachments. Some species have a spherical screwdriver handle, nozzle and ratchet.

But even typical screwdriver can getadditional advantages. So, ordinary at first glance, the tool can have ergonomic handles. Their difference lies in the insulation characteristics that allow them to tolerate voltage over 500 volts.

Screwdriver and may vary depending on theuse. For angular work can be used screwdrivers for screws that have a cross-shaped working part. Other species may be used in tandem with a wrench. For the manufacture of the handle used wood or plastic.

The handle should be comfortable

Ease of operation with the tool depends largelyfrom the handle material. If you want a screwdriver could transmit the maximum force necessary to avoid it slipping in the hand and provide the most snug fit to the hand. To achieve these goals, you can select a tool with plastic handle, which have rubber inserts. However, be aware that this tool is intended for use in a dry environment with minimal exposure to various chemicals, as gasoline, oil, solvents and acetone will cause damage to this material. If you are sure in the severity of the conditions for the use of screwdrivers, then from the rubber inserts should be discarded.

Not every screwdriver with plastic handleable to withstand the blows of a hammer. But sometimes you need to use a screwdriver as a chisel or using it to unscrew the rusted screw. To solve these problems, prefer a screwdriver at the end of the handle which has a metal insert. They are, as a rule, passes through the handle rod ending knob, so striking it, you do not affect the handle.

Having considered the species a tool for tightening and loosening screws, you know, how to choose a screwdriver. Remember that from the convenience and function of the tool depends largely on the quality of work.

How to choose a screwdriver
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