How to choose a screwdriver

Arriving at the building of the power storeYou can see it a great choice. When buying a screwdriver can simply scatter eyes - an abundance of models, which have their own characteristics and different prices, can confuse anyone. Let's take a closer look at the selection process and define the most important parameters that should be considered.

Getting to the choice

From the outset, it is necessary to define thoseworks to be performed with the help of the tool. This will help determine whether it is necessary to lay out a substantial sum for the purchase of professional screwdriver or you can restrict the purchase of household model. Devices of the first type have a high capacity, a large number of functions and service life. They can reach torque 130 Nm, which allows to make the hole even in hard materials. In domestic models the figure is usually 15-20 Nm. On the other hand, for the work on the house household screwdriver will be enough.

What else should be considered

Another important indicator - sourcepower. The modern market offers cordless screwdrivers and devices operating on the network. Models of the first type not tied to the availability of electricity and wires. The batteries are nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion and other species. Lithium-ion products are ecologically clean, but with much lower or higher temperatures they stop working. Nickel-cadmium counterparts are able to withstand 1000 zaryadok, but cadmium is toxic and can be dangerous to human health.

At the same time the power screwdriver Skil and othermodel running on the network, typically have greater capacity. When the battery is sufficiently worn, it is necessary to recharge it very often. Network tools that lack of a stranger.

The disadvantages of cordless screwdrivers are:

• when the battery is low, power decreases, the quality and comfort of work are lost;

• the use of the battery leads to an increase in the weight and size of the tool, the convenience of working with it decreases, if you have to work for a long time, your hand quickly gets tired;

• when the battery is discharged, you will have to take a break and wait for it to charge;

• over time, the battery charge will decrease, as will the duration of its use.

Whatever it was, different models have their own judges. Decide what you need, you can easily make your choice.

How to choose a screwdriver
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