How to choose a router

In the manufacture of furniture or tie the castle is an indispensable tool for the router. With skillful use of it, this tool will greatly facilitate and simplify the work of life. So the question how to choose a router It is quite relevant. The main purpose of the router is the slot slots, edge processing, and cutting holes complex figured form.

With this tool may be processeda variety of materials: wood, plastic, chipboard, MDF and others. In addition, with the help of the router can be made grooves and slots in the wooden parts, chamfer, connecting details on the thorns and rebates and more. To the tool best meets your needs, you need to come up with all the attention to his choice.

Getting to the selection tool

As with most choosing tools from theIt is important first to determine the types of work for which it will be used more often. If the usual occupation is a manufacturer of small-sized boxes or wooden toys, then there is no sense to buy weighty and bulky equipment. But when you're in full use tool for the production of furniture, from the lightweight model should be abandoned.

Starting with the selection to be the power of the router,which should be in accordance with the types of work and its purpose of use. If you find the optimal ratio between the weight of the router and its capacity to work with such a tool will be very convenient. Of course, you can run this tool and holding it in his hands, but the preferred option is to use it on the table. In this case, it is important to the following rule: the power does not happen much. Therefore, the more powerful will be your router, the better.

Speed ​​and power management router

Variable speed allows the instrumentperform cutting at the required speed for different materials for plastic, it will be one, and alloys and wood is different. This feature allows you to increase the usability of the tool, but if you with it, you'll work with only one material and even in large quantities, then it is worth considering the use of single-speed model.

Now let's talk about food. If you choose to be an important tool to study its switch, because when you start to work they may be too late. Preferably, he was able to hold and lock the random button should be mandatory. If it is impossible to fix the tool in the closed position, it will cause inconvenience in operation, particularly in performing some works on a tree. This is due to the fact that this type of switch must be held constant, and the locking mechanism would create an additional insurance against injury.

Tsang and dust extraction

Especially popular are conicalCollet for the manufacture of hardened steel which is used. They are precisely and ideally suited to the cone-shaped motor shaft. Grips are made from pieces of steel are less expensive, but their size is not always enough to capture the stem cutter, besides their wear is much higher and in some cases they can become a cause tool chatter.

Today, virtually every manufacturing companyIt offers products with a gateway which is used for dust extraction. Often it included in the complete set of tools, but can also act as an additional opportunity. The most high-quality dust extraction is observed in cases where this mechanism is built into the router. In some systems that exist on the market today, due to the installation of special tube designed for dust extraction visibility is greatly reduced. However, when using a special work table this function is completely different and will not cause any interference with visibility.

Ease of use is also the milling tableDeserves attention. The sole instrument to be that ensures good visibility and had high strength attachment point, was also equipped with a height adjustment system, a simple switch and have a convenient form. As you already know, how to choose a routerOn each of these indicators should be paid attention to.

How to choose a router
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