How to choose a range of diamond cutting

Diamond cutting disc is used for cuttingasphalt, concrete, stone and other materials. There are several reasons why the preferable abrasive diamond wheels. For example, they allow to keep the cutting depth during operation, as well as the diameter and rotation speed. That is why, for large volumes of work diamond wheels show a better performance.

What is important to know about the production of diamond wheels

For the manufacture of these components are usedparticles of synthetic materials that are pressed into a special form, together with a binder. Stamps diamond segments depend on their use in the manufacture of diamond particle sizes, such as a binder, and the quality and concentration of synthetic diamonds.

After fabrication of segments are fixed on thesteel casing. This is achieved by laser welding, if using dry cutting, as well as silver soldering when wet cutting tool means. Since the melting point of silver is 700 degrees, this method of attachment is used for high-quality diamond segments. Now we have high-quality diamond blade, which does not have the cutting properties.

To prepare the diamond wheel cutting operation it is necessary to grind off its segments. With ceramic sharpener they have worn down until the diamond pieces. Only at this stage diamond cutting discs acquire the cutting ability, and theirmanufacturer using the arrow on the body marks the correct direction of rotation, which is bound to be taken into account when fixing the drive shaft of the machine for cutting.

The correct choice of diamond wheel cutter

To properly choose a diamond cutting a circle you must take into account the kind of cutting machines, whichIt will be used and the material being processed. If the depth of cut is large, then the disc should be of an appropriate diameter. It is also necessary to make sure that the desired diameter of the disc is suitable for the cutting tool.

When choosing a diamond wheel cutter importanttake into account the magnitude of the internal opening, which should match the diameter of your tool for cutting. The technology does not allow for any gaps between the inner bore and drive shaft.

The shape of the diamond cutting disc teeth mustIt depends on the type of material that will be cut them. This choice will affect the speed of processing and purity. To treat some types of soft materials, may be suitable diamond discs without any teeth that will prevent any damage.

Before purchasing a diamond blade is importantto determine with a few more questions. By the above, you can add the kind of cutting, as well as features and specifications of tools for cutting.

After purchasing a diamond cutting discMake sure that it is correctly positioned on the shaft tool. This includes matching the direction of rotation of the shaft of the machine with the direction of rotation of the disc, which is provided by the manufacturer and deposited the arrow on the body.

What else should pay attention

Sometimes the body simply is not the arrow,if in your case it is so, then before cutting, refer to the documentation. In addition, the speed of rotation of the diamond cutting disc should correspond shaft speed cutting tool. Keep in mind that different brands of diamond blades have different permissible speeds. Check this feature can be from the documentation.

Misuse and wrongdiamond cutting disc installation will not only reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but also can cause damage to the incisors. Therefore, before purchasing a diamond wheel cutter, try to get complete information about the hardware on which it will be used.

Going with the responsibility to the choicediamond wheel, you will be able to choose the top dressing, which will fully comply with the machine for cutting and processed materials. The reward for your efforts is the best cut, safe operation and high efficiency equipment.

How to choose a range of diamond cutting
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