How to choose a roulette

Roulette - a modern measuring device,whereby the calculated distance. It is a must on any construction site. By purchasing this tool, many disregard the different details that are important enough. It should be noted that the manufacturers of measuring instruments are investing large sums in the development of protective coatings for the housing or tape. We look at some recommendations roulette selection.

How to start the roulette choice?

Which elements meterthe most important? Undoubtedly, this tape is coated with a divisions, from which depend the results obtained in many ways. For its manufacturing it can be used most different materials from metal to specific tissues. The most widespread nowadays received roulette, in which the tape with divisions are made of metal.

Many believe that roulette is no differentapart. But staging a small test, you can immediately determine that it is not. For example, such a characteristic is the maximum length of the measuring tape in which flexure is formed. Just pull out the metal plate and estimate its maximum length, it will find the fortress of the material that was used for the production of this component. At the same time expensive models measuring tape is coated by means of special formulations which give the material added protection. This increases the weight of the device, so they bend is achieved earlier than in a lower quality product.

If the measurement of large distances - this is the norm inyour work, then give preference to a product with a significant width. So you can increase the accuracy of the measurements themselves and the roulette of this type will be able to last you longer. Measuring instruments, tape that has a width of 19 millimeters, the most widely.

Roulette with the double-sided marking differadded convenience, in some models, there is a scale showing the distance divided by the number of PI. So you can, by measuring the length of the circle, without any problem to calculate the radius of something round.

Every year, manufacturers roulettemade better protective coatings for tapes. Some instrumentation tape covered with a nylon composition, which is several times prolongs their use. A poliesteronye coatings for tapes allow to further increase their longevity.

How ergonomic body?

When choosing the second most important roulettefeature is the ergonomic body. In the great majority of professional measuring instruments type body is very fit comfortably in the hand. It is used for manufacturing plastic or metal. Look to the tool with rubberised casing. It is very convenient to use, because the fall is not so easily broken. Fall - a major cause of damage to roulette. Moreover, the tires makes it easier to hold in the hand tool.

For fixing the measuring tape with the dotted lines inRoulette body made a special slider, whereby the tape is fixed and will not be returned back into the housing. Some people find very convenient when measuring instrument other than the lock on the case is placed "pause" button.

Roulette justly considered indispensablemeasuring instrument, without which does not do any one apartment or house. Of course, for home use is not always advisable to buy more expensive models, products with a sufficient service life will be quite enough.

How to choose a roulette
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