How to choose the right trowel for concrete surfaces

For perfect concrete surfacesevenness need special tools - trowel. It is used when laying self-leveling floor screeds, and in the completion of various works. To properly perform the processing floor, work is carried out in two stages: first, through the smoothing disk erases all bumps and drops, and then smoothing the surface of the blades give a perfect shine and make it incredibly clean.

The most important indicators of the selection of equipment

By purchasing "building a helicopter" is necessaryconsider that it may use one or a pair of rotors. When working with a relatively small building project, with an area not exceeding 500 square meters will be enough rotor machines. If you want to perform a great work, it is advisable to buy dvurotorny unit, but will have to pay more for it.

When the decision to acquire the model withone rotor is an important characteristic is the size of the blades. The area of ​​the treated surface should affect their diameter. The blades in the trowel can be sized from 30 to 120 centimeters. To select the optimum diameter is necessary to look at the base floor. If the surface has lumps and bumps, then the best option would be a small unit sizes with the help of the working process will be faster, and the convenience of using it up.

The type of engine is another importantcharacteristic. Petrol, diesel or electric motors can be used in the device. Models with electric motors are the most economical, but for them need to pay more when buying.

A bit on the cost of the trowels

These devices have a wide enoughprice range. Their cost may be 10 000 and more rubles, and professional type equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, everyone has the right to buy the right equipment, which will optimally match the size of his wallet and working conditions.

If you compare the price of models with a rotorand equipment with two rotors, the first order of magnitude cheaper. Such devices are more mobile and can use them to handle more types of surfaces. To actuate the blades used engine with considerable power. In such machines used guard, so the operator can feel safe. At the top of each of the trowels devices positioned handles fitted control levers, which are regulated by the rotational speed of the disc or the blades. In order to facilitate the transportation of the trowel, folding handles are used in its construction.

The double-rotor models used a pair of surfaces. Often, they are equipped with blades with a large radius, which can reach 120 centimeters. Trowels for concrete are ambulant self-propelledautomatic type devices, which are located on the operator's seat. On each side of this seat are at the same levers, and that simple trowels one rotor.

In Russia gained enormous popularityConcreting machines equipped with gasoline engines. They allow you to process large work area and do not need to be recharged. And their power is an order of magnitude greater than the electrical counterparts. However, they have weaknesses, and, for example, can not be used in closed unventilated areas. Therefore, to work in the best buy electric counterparts, because their operation is not accompanied by harmful emissions into the environment.

How to choose the right trowel for concrete surfaces
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